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To: Alan Dunbar, President, Darchem Engineering

Darchem Engineering: #PayTheRate to your Hinkley Point metal workers

Stop the unfair pay disparity between workers in your Hinkley Point team. Meet with the trade unions to resolve the current dispute and to make a fair and proper pay offer. Darchem need to pay the correct rate to the whole team and respect's everyone's skills and work.

Why is this important?

Darchem Engineering in Stockton-on-Tees manufactures industrial pond liners for Hinkley Point, as part of £200 million contract. It's skilled work, maintaining critical safety infrastructure that's vital to Britain's nuclear power capacity.

But workers there are angry about a growing pay discrepancy between roles in the same team. Welders' pay has risen to more than £2 an hour above that of the team's platers and sheet metal workers.

Unite members' attempts to close this unfair pay gap through negotiation have been met with refusal by the company, so workers have taken the last resort of voting to strike. Industrial action by Unite members is taking place on dates throughout June, and could continue longer if the employer does not come to the table.

This is a dispute that would be easy for the employer to solve. The pay gap is arbitrary, between workers that all have vital skills for the job.

With reported £17 million profits and a £69 million shareholder fund, the company can well afford to increase the pay for the platers and sheet metal workers.

And at a time of huge pressure on workers' standards of living, closing the gap and paying everyone a fair rate would make a huge difference.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: "Darchem Engineering is making millions from the UK taxpayer so it has no right denying workers on a UK project a fair rate of pay. It needs to get a grip or their actions will cause further problems to the Hinckley site. Unite will be giving our members at Darchem Engineering our total support until the unfair pay disparities are fully resolved."

Darchem Engineering need to sit down with their workers' unions - Unite and GMB - and resolve this dispute.

Please help us raise the pressure on Darchem to #PayTheRate by writing to the company's President now.

Stockton-on-Tees, UK

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