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To: The Scottish Government

Where is our £500?

Where is our £500?

Equal treatment for all covid responders!

We call on the Scottish Government to reward equally all of those public service workers who have been part of the response to covid.

Where is OUR £500?


Why is this important?

UNISON Scotland members welcomed the Scottish Government's announcement of a £500 'bonus' for staff in health and social care. The Scottish Government must be aware that there were many other public service workers involved in responding to covid. This has been a year of exceptional effort and sacrifice for the workforce across public services and they all deserve equal recognition for their efforts.

Local Government has been operating under difficult circumstances - distributing food/medicine/essential items across Scotland, protecting/caring for our vulnerable and elderly, collecting waste, staffing temporary mortuaries, staffing the hubs of “keyworker” children, kept schools and early years open, staffing the asymptomatic testing sites, Environmental Health & Trading Standards Officers enforcing public health and wellbeing, Mental Health Workers with increased caseloads, Housing and Craft workers who have been working in tenants homes, those who have been processing and issuing emergency support grants. Last but by no means least the army of cleaning staff without whose efforts no one else would have been able to work at all, far less do so safely.

Even this list is very far from complete - the Scottish Government must realise that there was a massive effort put into dealing with covid across public services.

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Reasons for signing

  • All key workers deserve a bonus. We have worked dam hard through the past year !
  • Fairness as mixing with a lot of children and families and we can't even wear masks or social distance in early years
  • It’s the right thing to do. All key workers deserve a bonus to help pay for a well earned break!


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