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To: Home Office

Give Ace a chance! Stop the harassment and threat of deportation facing Ace Ruele

We ask that the Home Office lifts the threat of deportation against Ace Ruele and undertakes an urgent review of his case. We ask that the Home Office returns to Ace his status of indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Why is this important?

Equity member Ace Ruele, established actor and motion capture specialist, faces the threat of deportation from the UK to Jamaica, a country where he no right of residency or citizenship. His case has all the hallmarks of yet another grossly unfair, racist decision dramatically affecting the life of Windrush era family.

Ace was born in the UK and raised here, but despite having indefinite leave to remain this was revoked following a difficult, short period in Ace’s life when he was engaged in criminal activity. Since this, he has built a successful film career and strong family life and works with a number of organisations, including the Metropolitan Police, advising and guiding young people away from the risk of offending.

Ace could be deported at any minute, tearing his family apart and ruining a career he has forged following his unstable early life. His current residency status of limited leave to remain in the UK is temporary and requires renewal every 30 months at a cost of £2,389.

It is, quite simply, a gross injustice to leave Ace in this situation, and we call on the Home Office to:

1. Reverse its decision, and provide Ace with the status of indefinite leave to remain the UK. This will allow him to continue his significant, positive contribution to the UK’s cultural and creative life and raise his family, confident that his future is secure.

2. Abandon its cruel, racist policy of threatening to make UK citizens stateless, including through deportation to countries they have no right of residency or citizenship to.

3. Significantly speed-up the process of providing compensation to those eligible for payment under the Windrush Compensation Scheme. The Home Office is currently aggravating the experience of Windrush-era UK citizens by unfairly and unnecessarily delaying their lawful compensation.

You can read more about the background of Ace’s case here:


Reasons for signing

  • I feel this wrong if someone was born here they shouldn’t have to be paying to stay in the country they where born in plus I feel the home office target certain people from certain countries and after the Windrush scandal you think they fixed up but this case highlights they are still racist
  • Its unfair to people born here.
  • clearly unjust


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