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To: Regina Coeli House Management Committee, Communities’ Minister Deirdre Hargey and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Keep our women’s hostel open! Save Regina Coeli House!

Shutting down Belfast’s only women’s hostel is wrong.

The staff of Regina Coeli House are fighting for their jobs and to keep this vital service for vulnerable women open. Please back their fight.

Why is this important?

Regina Coeli House in West Belfast is the only women-only hostel in Northern Ireland providing accommodation and support to the homeless, those with addictions, mental health challenges or survivors of domestic abuse.

The 21-bed facility faces the threat of impending closure as the Legion of Mary, who own the building, claim they cannot maintain it any more.

But letting our only women’s hostel shut its doors is wrong. The staff of Regina Coeli House who face redundancy are bravely fighting to keep this vital service open.

If the Legion of Mary cannot maintain this building, they must do the right thing and transfer the building to the Housing Executive who must be prepared to step forward to keep this service running.

It’s not too late to save Regina Coeli House and the jobs we love.

Please join us in calling on the Management Committee to transfer this facility and grounds to the Housing Executive, who must step in to run this service, so that with funding from Communities’ Minister Deirdre Hargey we can expand access to an all-too-vital service for vulnerable women.

Thank you

The staff of Regina Coeli House

Belfast, UK

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