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To: St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mitie out: Demand fair pay and conditions for staff at St George's Hospital

At St George’s Hospital in London, workers employed by outsourcing giant Mitie are striking for decent terms and conditions – and to be brought in-house on NHS contracts.

These workers are asking for your support and solidarity. Can you sign and show the NHS Trust how many of us are backing them?

Why is this important?

The Mitie strikers are fighting for themselves, their kids, the NHS and the future of secure and stable work.

They want to all be on NHS contracts and have fair and equal terms and conditions. And they want an NHS that prioritises the care of patients, not the profits of corporations like Mitie.

Workers at the hospital have had enough of being singled out in meetings and being intimidated by Mitie managers who are using every tactic in the book to try to stop them fighting for their basic rights.

The St George’s Hospital senior management team have the power to bring this contract back in-house and to resolve this, but are instead burying their heads in the sand.

Sign the petition and tell the NHS Trust: Mitie Out!

Tooting, London, UK

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