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To: Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice


To support the Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council Bill which will establish a new Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council (SEIAC).

Why is this important?

With new social security powers and industrial injuries benefits being devolved to the Scottish Parliament - the Scottish Government has a unique opportunity to build a fairer social security system with workers at its core. By supporting this Bill, Scotland can create a new Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council to shape, inform, and scrutinise the social security supports available to people who are injured in the course of their employment, through no fault of their own and ensure that Industrial Injuries Benefits are reflective of the modern workplace and new and merging workplace diseases and injuries.

We owe it to those workers who didn’t make it home at the end of their shifts, or couldn’t return to their work, to make sure this new benefit helps workers in modern workplaces, suffering ill-health right now.

Please don’t turn your back on keyworkers who contracted long covid at work, or the firefighters with cancer from inhaling toxic fumes, or teachers suffering from asbestos-related illness simply for teaching children in an old school, or the countless ex-footballers now suffering from dementia because of playing the game professionally.

This Bill is supported by the Trade Union Movement in Scotland and workers themselves - the Scottish Government must use these new powers to full effect.

Scotland, UK

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