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To: The House of Commons

Reverse the cut to Universal Credit

Reverse the cut to Universal Credit

The Government have cut the Universal Credit uplift for families most in need and that this is not supported by the people of York; further that this cut will impact severely on 11,610 households in York alone, as well as hundreds of thousands of adults and children across the country who risk being pushed into poverty as a result.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urge the Government to reverse the cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credits and reinstate the £20 a week uplift with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

The £20 a week uplift has been a lifeline to many people throughout the pandemic, predominantly going towards topping up low wages in the city; further that despite York having one of the highest employment rates in the country, wages are unjustifiably low and people are struggling; and further that, at a time where the cost of living is shooting up and upcoming tax increases are being implemented by the Government, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to pay their bills, buy food, or heat their homes.

York, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • The gov must not penalise those who need support. I feel ashamed by this proposal.
  • I work and I have MS. I can’t figure out how to get added support because the UC system is unfathomable and applying for Pip is like proving you aren’t a criminal. This sudden drop will have major consequences for me as I am only just managing as is. I’ll get by somehow but those with dependants or other health conditions may be less fortunate. I’m signing it for all of us. Each story is as important as the next and we are living with the most out of touch government ever.
  • Because I receive universal credit and I am a single mum with a 2 year old daughter I’ve just moved into my new home and having £80 taken away from me a month is going to have me struggle to make ends meet for me and my little girl. With the cost of living going up it’s got more expensive for shopping and gas/electric so now your getting less for a larger price and now where having benefits cut it’s going to make us struggle more


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