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To: Welsh Government

Support Welsh Taxi Drivers

The income of our taxi drivers across Wales has plummeted throughout the Covid-19 crisis and their ability to access adequate financial support to replace their lost income has left many of them struggling to pay their mortgages and feed their families.

Welsh Government has previously provided welcome support to other sections of the Welsh transport system including bus and rail. Unite is now calling for similar action by Welsh Government to cover taxi drivers.

Unite is calling for, amongst other things, the establishment of a “hardship fund scheme” alongside financial grants to taxi drivers to install screens in cars and the purchase of essential PPE.

Support for the sector will also protect a vital part of the Welsh transport system and ensure that the many jobs and wider economic benefits that the taxi trade provides are not lost.

Why is this important?

Taxi drivers differ from the wider self-employed workforce, in that there has been no real reprieve even when local and national lockdowns are ceased. The trade heavily relies on other sectors, in particular the hospitality industry. Any lingering restrictions on these sectors leaves a devastating impact on earning opportunities for taxi drivers.

While other sectors have been able to view the ceasing of lockdowns and easing of restrictions as an opportunity to regroup, this has not been the case for the taxi trade. For those that work in the trade the downturn has been consistent since March. A greater acknowledgement of the unique impact on the taxi trade is required from government, to ensure that these people are not forgotten about.

Please sign the petition and join our call for the Welsh Government to step up and provide the additional financial support that our taxi drivers desperately require during these difficult times.

Wales, UK

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