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To: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, Prime Ministerial candidates

Boris and Jeremy: Commit to funding UK justice

In the coming days, the FDA is writing to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, asking for their commitment to fund our justice system properly and commit to our asks.

Please send a message and add your support.

Why is this important?

As Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt fight it out to become the country's new Prime Minister, we need to put justice on the agenda.

Our demands would ensure a strong and fair justice system. We’re asking for:

1. A properly resourced CPS - To protect the public with a robust and effective prosecution service.
2. No more cuts to legal aid - To ensure that justice is available to all.
3. Investment in digital disclosure - To maintain public confidence in justice.
4. Competitive pay and fees - To recruit and retain lawyers for a sustainable criminal justice system.

For our full manifesto, please visit


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