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To: James Watt, Martin Dickie & David McDowall

Brewdog Workers Deserve Collective Recognition

Brewdog Workers Deserve Collective Recognition

Dear Mr. Watt, Mr. Dickie & Mr. McDowall,

Since 9th June, hundreds of Brewdog workers (past and present) have signed a collective letter outlining a “culture of fear” permeating from the very top of the organisation which has allowed “workers to be treated like objects: to be harassed, assaulted, belittled and insulted.”

On 1st July, the company announced that an undisclosed 3rd party had been appointed to carry out the exit interviews which will prove necessary to understanding what has gone wrong. Not only is this a breach of GDPR, but workers have no faith in a process which is not fully independent and transparent.

For your workforce to regain collective trust in your leadership to resolve these issues, your workers need a collective voice independent from the company which can negotiate for better conditions.

They already have that voice through the biggest union in the country.

Over the past month, in the media and directly with yourselves in writing, we have made repeated requests for engagement with ourselves, as the largest union in the company, to discuss the matters raised by our members as current and former employees and to map a way forward for improvement in conditions.

These requests have been ignored.

As you will have seen from the recent publication of their mission statement Punks with Purpose believe union engagement to be their number one ambition.

We are calling on you as the CEO, COO and major shareholders to stop ignoring these calls to engage with the union which represents so many of your workers.

Time to drop the gimmicks and expensive consultants and give your workers a real voice.

Why is this important?

In order to ensure the sustainable change needed across Brewdog, workers deserve a collective voice through their union.


Reasons for signing

  • Systemic tyranny is falling stay strong
  • dignity! not exploitation, humanity
  • Because harassment in the workplace must be stopped! Listen to your workers bosses!


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