• Tell Oxfam: Pay your workers a fair wage!
    In a recent survey of Oxfam staff, 34% have had to make a choice between heating their house and feeding their family in the last 12 months. And more than 1 in 5 said they had not been able to pay their rent. Meanwhile, Oxfam has more than doubled its reserve level to £35-45 million. And in 2011/22 the CEO’s salary was £121,000, that’s 6.7 times the pay of the average employee. We deserve a pay rise, and Oxfam can well afford to give it to us. Isn’t it time Oxfam ended poverty at Oxfam? Take a look at this video highlighting the poverty workers at Oxfam are facing: https://youtu.be/G4tH8zgx49A
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    Created by Unite at Oxfam GB
  • BCA, Give your Drivers the Union Recognition they deserve!
    As a result of BCA Ltd winning the contract from DHL Inside Track to transport cars for BMW, the drivers were stripped of their union, GMB, and their ability to collectively negotiate for fair pay, terms, and conditions. We urge you to sign the petition calling on the BCA Ltd to grant recognition to the GMB Union. By showing your support, you are advocating for better treatment, improved wages, and fair working conditions for Drivers.
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    Created by Sarah Barnes
    We cannot stand by and allow members at Steam Packet to be bullied into accepting fundamental changes to their terms & conditions or face the sack. We are calling on Steam Packet to stop the threat of fire and rehire. Nautilus International, on behalf of those we represent, has tried on numerous occasions to avoid a dispute with Steam Packet but to no avail. We are not against living aboard, we are simply asking the company to act in a reasonable way by phasing in living aboard and honour existing contracts. The company are intent on forcing through fundamental changes by threatening members with fire and rehire. Join us in sending a clear message to Steam Packet: END THE THREAT OF FIRE AND REHIRE.
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    Created by Nautilus International Picture
  • Please ensure a nursery for the children of staff in Abbey Wood
    Abbey Wood Nursery is a key benefit for working in DE&S and SDA and its closure will negatively impact every team in Abbey Wood. Withdrawal of nursery provision at Abbey Wood: * Undermines future recruitment, making us less attractive to new talent. * Undermines staff who have families now or may in future, as well as those who work with such people - which is nearly everyone. * Reduces productivity of DE&S and SDA staff. * Disproportionately impacts women. Staff Engagement Networks and Trades Unions report that their members are opposed to closure of the Abbey Wood nursery which is a backward step for Abbey Wood and Defence.
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    Created by John Dalgleish
  • #CollegeCutsKillCommunities Stop job losses at UHI Shetland and the attack on rural communities
    The loss of staff and educational provision on this scale will have a hugely detrimental impact on the community of Shetland - on the staff who will lose jobs and livelihoods; on rural and isolated communities; on the local economy and on the young people who have a right to access tertiary education locally. In August 2021 Shetland College was privatised and became UHI Shetland- the first college which was privatised from the public sector in Scotland. Lecturers at the college were opposed to privatisation because they were worried about the negative impact on staff terms and conditions and security of employment, as well as students’ quality and diverse range of education. Nonetheless, elected members were assured that the ‘financial flexibility’ non-incorporation would bring was a priority. We’re now two years on from the merger and have been informed that staffing costs need to be further reduced with lecturers now at risk of redundancy. Although every Academic section is facing a reduction of lecturers, the department most at risk is Community Learning & Business (CL&B). This section supports emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially vulnerable students – providing important access level courses and provision as well as delivering courses to students with additional support needs, in core skills, employability, ESOL, hospitality, professional cookery, business and accounting. Depopulation in Shetland is a real concern and the loss of staff at a major employer on the island coupled with a loss of accessible, inclusive and diverse education will only make this problem worse. A wide range of courses should be available at UHI Shetland and secure and long-lasting employment which benefits the local community. We should be investing in our communities, supporting the growth of skills, confidence, and the employment futures of everyone in Shetland. We are seeking to engage with SFC and the Minister for Further and Higher Education about additional funding for UHI Shetland via UHI. We ask you to sign the petition and support our campaign. Keep up to date on the campaign by following us on social media: Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063477846466 Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EISFELAShetland
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    Created by UHI Shetland EIS FELA Branch
  • Sick of Statutory Sick Pay!
    We need company sick pay for the protection of our residents and our colleagues. We need company sick pay to give us the time to get better when we are ill. We need company sick pay to protect us financially.
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    Created by GMB Care Sector
  • GMB Asda Pay Justice
    Equal pay in ASDA matters because it is a glaring injustice and subjects women and families to lives of entrenched poverty and opportunity gaps.
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    Created by Laura Maughan Picture
  • Miller & Carter - Give us back our tips
    With very little notice and consultation with their workforce, Miller & Carter have imposed a new 'Tips for Tips Scheme' which will see waiters lose hundreds of pounds a month in tips, given to them by you! Previously, waiters had to 'tip-out' to the kitchen and bar around 20-25% of their tips. Now they have to find 2% of *gross sales* which is a huge increase and means that some are already going into tip-debt! Workers are already losing hundreds in income because of this policy. There is a strongly held fear among waiters that they will be brought below the minimum wage by this system and some have already gotten into debt because they cannot possibly sustain the levels of tips they are expected to collect to subsidise the poor wages of the kitchen and bar team. This will almost certainly have a detrimental impact on the service that you are given by the incredible waiters of M&C who will struggle even more during this cost of living crisis. Miller & Carter may not care about their workforce but they certainly care about the future custom of the general public. If you believe that Miller & Carter should abandon attempts to impose this awful policy, please sign, share and make your voice heard.
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    Created by Bryan Simpson Picture
  • Stop trade union victimisation at Brighton University
    Brighton University claims it respects the role of the recognised trade unions to represent and negotiate for its employees. But by attacking UCU reps, the University is declaring war on the union. They are clearly signalling that they no longer want to negotiate with union reps on equal terms. They want to create a climate in which staff are too fearful to stand up for themselves, let alone to stand for a union position. What could follow is the unilateral replacement of all the agreements governing lecturers’ and researchers’ terms and conditions with new arrangements imposed by them. Managers everywhere will be rubbing their hands with glee if they can get away with this here. The future of Brighton UCU is at stake. If we want our union membership to mean something concrete, we all need to defend union branches under attack. Our Vice Chancellor and her crew of lackeys would love nothing more than to decapitate our UCU branch. They want to rule through fear and intimidation with no resistance. We need to stand up in defence of our elected reps. Please sign our petition of support and ask your branch to donate to our hardship fund here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/brightonunistrike
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    Created by Brighton UCU
  • Northern Ballet and Arts Council England: Keep Northern Ballet Live!
    Northern Ballet’s funding hasn’t changed much since 2015. In the biggest cost of living crisis for decades with inflation hitting record highs, that’s a significant real terms funding cut. As a result, musicians’ jobs are on the line. World-class orchestra musicians working for an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation should not have to rely on foodbanks to survive. It is essential that Arts Council England and Northern Ballet agree a realistic funding solution that protects union jobs and enables everyone to have access to live ballet that is genuinely live. Please sign the petition and leave a message of support for the musicians in Northern Ballet's orchestra
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    Created by Musicians of the Northern Ballet Sinfonia
  • Better Buses for West Midlands
    Our buses are in crisis! Services slashed - routes continuously under threat with many communities left isolated, particularly in rural areas. Buses unreliable, poorly maintained and not environmentally friendly – often cancelled or late. Drivers recruitment, training and pay and conditions inadequate. Fares expensive and confusing CO2 emissions from use of private cars worsen climate chaos. Recent cuts in Government funding (which pays for ‘socially necessary’ services) will make the crisis even worse. We need guaranteed, adequate funding to make public transport the most attractive option for people when travelling. Our communities need this – and the climate crisis demands it! We need an end to privatisation where bus companies put profits before people. Franchising (as embraced by Greater Manchester) should be easier to implement as a first step towards a return to full public ownership of bus services.
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    Created by Midland Trades Union Council and West Midland Pensioners Convention
  • Royal Opera House: Give Us Back Our 10%
    Musicians in the Royal Opera House orchestra took a pay cut and other changes to their terms and conditions to support the company when it was closed. They are now working harder for less, during the biggest cost of living crisis for decades. Now audiences are back, the orchestra should have their pay restored. Please sign the petition and leave a message of support for the musicians who make up this iconic orchestra
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    Created by Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Committee