The Social Care Workforce is more than 80% poorly paid women working in care homes, hospitals, community care and personal assistants. In 2023 £38 million was stolen by the Scottish Government for the budget for care work in social care. The £38m budget was removed without consultation from the terms and conditions working group last September and it took a freedom of information request to flush out it was gone some months later. No transparency, no accountability and worse, no promise of restoring the funding. This is a massive blow to these low paid care sector workers who feel desperately let down by politicians who they put their trust in to deliver for them
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  • Mersey Care NHS workers deserve redundancy pay
    An NHS trust has closed a site a considerable distance from the rest of its sites. After offering workers the chance to relocate, those who cannot commit to making such a long commute are being threatened with being laid-off without the contractual redundancy pay they're entitled to. They will be made redundant this Easter Sunday without any commitment to any future pay from the trust. The trust should do the right think and make sure these workers are fairly compensated.
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  • Trade Union discrimination!
    This campaign highlights the ongoing discrimination and victimisation in the private sector!
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  • Fair pay for NHS pandemic heroes working at Whiston Hospital
    The staff involved are merely asking for equal pay which on principle is only fair. The NHS workers consciously doubled up on all out of hour shifts during the pandemic to ensure the public and those within the local area were kept safe. The testing they still do is a continuation of their commitment to their roles and supporting the public. Those involved have all struggled with the public through the recent inflationary rises and longstanding pay deficits imposed by the government and the decision to not offer an equal payment to the staff has impacted them more so as a result. Please sign the petition to show both your support for the NHS pandemic heroes and show your disdain around a management decision to not include the staff involved.
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  • Cumberland Council: Regrade your Urgent Care Team Workers!
    GMB members within Cumberland Council's Urgent Care Team, consisting of Approved Mental Health social workers, are at a crucial moment. These professionals are the frontline of mental health care in Cumbria, operating 24/7 to make urgent decisions on potential detentions under the Mental Health Act. Despite their crucial role and the challenging nature of their work, Cumberland Council has denied their request for a job regrading. This refusal undermines the dedication and expertise of the team members who regularly navigate emotionally draining and sometimes dangerous situations. Your support is vital. By signing this petition, you're standing in solidarity with these dedicated professionals and the GMB trade union as they campaign for job regrading. And once you've signed, you can donate to their strike fund here: https://support-cumberland-urgent-care.raiselysite.com/
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    We are calling on Hull City Council to put this right and to TUPE everyone who works at HCAL back in-house, for the following reasons: • Hull City Council staff currently receive better terms and conditions than HCAL staff. • HCAL is making losses year on year – in 2023 this was reported at £2.2 million. • HCAL staff are all on different terms and conditions – if everyone was transferred back to Hull City Council this would mean contracts would eventually be harmonised. • There is a lack of career development and progression for HCAL staff. • And there is a lack of communication when advertising cold water swimming, which left staff stressed and anxious. Please support our campaign to get everyone in HCAL transferred back in house.
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  • Hinduja Global Services: Protect our jobs in Liverpool!
    Just last year, these workers successfully fought for and won a 10% pay rise to recognise the excellent work they do. Now this same group of workers are caught between a rock and a hard place: a choice between redundancy or an infeasible and expensive job transfer. Can you help put pressure on HGS to meet with the workers and their union PCS to find a solution and keep their jobs in Liverpool? Please send an email to the company's COO now.
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  • Sick Pay for Catering staff at Sussex University!
    Chartwells staff at Sussex University are currently the ONLY workers on campus who have to operate on completely inadequate Statutory Sick Pay. This means when they're poorly, they are having to choose between staying home (and struggling to pay their bills) or coming to work when they're ill (in a food safe environment). *We demand Sick Pay that matches pay and is paid from the first day of illness! *They are NOT second class citizens! *This is NOT in line with the Sussex University values of Kindness, Integrity, Inclusion, Collaboration and Courage! Show your support
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  • Save Byron Court Primary School - Stop the Forced Academisation
    🢜 Ensure an equal, non-selective environment with a focus on the whole child, an approach that doesn't achieve academic excellence or good behaviour by excluding children or making them scared to be in school 🢜 Give a say to those that it will impact most - the staff, the families, the local community 🢜 Stop the privatisation of our children's education HOW ELSE CAN YOU HELP? Write to your local councillors: https://bit.ly/BrentCounc Write to Barry Gardiner MP: [email protected] Follow us: https://twitter.com/savebyroncourt Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savebyroncourt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savebyroncourt Donate to our Campaign fundraising page: https://gofund.me/c696a920
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  • P&O Ferries' jobs massacre second anniversary: Never again!
    We must prevent a repeat of the P&O Ferries scandal. The Government has failed to introduce the reforms required to end the undercutting of other ferry operators on international short sea routes from UK ports which would prevent a repeat of this scandalous attack on UK seafarers and on the sovereignty of UK employment law.
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  • National Museums Liverpool: Pay the £1,500 cost-of-living payment you owe
    PCS members are having to take strike action to try and secure vital cost of living payments for all staff across National Museums Liverpool. Nobody wants to have to go on strike, but National Museums Liverpool (NML) are refusing to pay £1500 cost of living payment, and we are asking for your support and understanding that it is time to show the museums that it’s time they paid up! While museum bosses take home thousands of pounds a month, many of our lowest paid workers in this museum are choosing whether they should heat their homes or eat nutritious meals. That isn’t right. As people passionate about the culture, heritage, and story of this city and the fabulous collections we keep we deserve more than the basics for survival, we deserve to thrive, not merely survive. NML needs to find the money to pay its staff a fair wage, and to pay them the £1500 they are owed, and they deserve. Please show your support for the hard-working staff by writing to Sir David Henshaw, Chairman of the Board at National Museums Liverpool
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  • Demand a pay rise for catering workers at Drax Power Station
    Unite members working in catering for BaxterStorey at Drax Power Station are taking strike action in their fight for a pay rise, and they need your support. These workers, 95% of whom are women, are struggling to make ends meet. They are single mothers and grandmothers who are having to car share to save on fuel costs, work second jobs to pay their bills, and one member whose husband passed away in December has been unable to afford to pay for a funeral. The total value of a £1 per hour increase for all workers in the catering team would be just £30,628 – this is peanuts for a company like Drax Power Station. The latest accounts for both companies show that Drax made £731 million in profits while BaxterStorey made £25 million in profits. Drax’s CEO Will Gardiner saw his pay package increase by £2.2 million to £5.4 million per year. Despite burning money like it’s old-growth forest when it comes to pay for executives, Drax are refusing to negotiate on the hourly rate for the workers who feed their employees. Instead, Drax have engaged in union-busting behaviour by banning the workers' Unite official from site, and preventing meetings from taking place between the workers and their union official.
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