• Primark – stop DHL’s ÂŁ1300 wage grab from your Thrapston drivers
    If you’ve ever bought something from Primark, it’s likely come to you via Thrapston in Northamptonshire. Primark’s enormous national warehouse is based there, distributing to stores all over the country. The warehouse is run for Primark by international logistics firm DHL, who employ many hundreds of people on Primark’s behalf. Throughout the pandemic, DHL made long-running mistakes in calculating furlough pay for many staff. They now want to deduct the overpayments from the affected workers’ wages to claw the money back. Whether it’s fair or not, employers do have a right to do this under UK employment law. But workers have some protection in that they should be offered a fair payment plan, not expected to pay it back at once. Otherwise it can count as “unlawful deduction from wages”. That’s what’s happening for most workers at the site, but one group of 72 drivers and office staff are being expected to repay everything at once – in some cases up to £1,300 from one pay cheque! This is because DHL are transferring their employment to another company in February and they think they can get away with it. DHL are retaining the majority of the work at Primark’s warehouse, just not this part of it. And the workers will still be based at the same site and still working for Primark, just not on DHL’s payroll. It would cost DHL very little to play fair by these workers and set up longer term repayments, even after they’ve moved to the new employer. Through their union, URTU, these workers are challenging the decision, but there’s very little time left. Caught between an employer who are trying to get out of their responsibilities, and an imminent deadline, Primark need to step in now and tell DHL to sort it out if they are to have a decent working relationship at Thrapston going forward. They can’t allow employment laws in their warehouse to be breached so flagrantly. Can you please help us write to Primark? Showing customers care about what happens in their UK supply chain will have a big effect on them.
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  • DHL Primark stop the immoral deductions from pay
    Employers have a right to deduct any money owed to them however employees have a right to demand a repayment plan when the monies owed are exceeding their spare income! Your employment should not generate a debt or have a detrimental impact on your mental and financial wellbeing!
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  • Repeal The Trade Union Act 2016
    By removing the Trade Union Act 2016, we begin the process to repeal anti-trade union laws that have been placed upon us by the Conservatives. The right to strike is just that; a right. Yet Conservative government after Conservative government has decided that we must jump over unnecessary hurdles to earn what is rightfully ours. We must take a stand against this injustice.
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  • Keep heritage safe, extend the mask rules
    The heritage and wider cultural sector was hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of jobs were lost as vital income streams dried up. As museums, galleries and other spaces have been able to reopen to the public and tourism has begun to recover there have been some green shoots of recovery. However this can only happen with both a safe workforce and visitors that feel confident about attending Covid-secure venues. This is being put at risk by the failure of the UK government to mandate the wearing of facemasks for visitors to indoor heritage venues in England. Although masks will only be one part of a comprehensive strategy to address the risks posed by Covid the World Health Organisations recommends them as an important part of this comprehensive approach.
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  • Stop the restructure of Dundee secondary schools
    At Christmas time, teachers should receive gratitude and thanks for their hard work. But this Christmas, Dundee City Council have threatened all secondary school teachers in the area with a disruptive restructure. The council is planning to bring together multiple, unrelated departments into "faculties". And they will remove vital Principal Teacher roles in departments, and replace them with "Faculty Heads". If the council’s plans go ahead, there will be fewer teachers in their already under-resourced schools and yet more disruption to students’ learning. That means a higher workload for teachers and less one-to-one time with students. All young people deserve access to quality teaching and learning. But it's clear that the changes will only cause more disruption to schools on top of the difficulties caused by the pandemic. And there is no evidence out there to suggest that the faculties model has any educational benefit. When the council should be supporting schools to recover from the pandemic, they are piling on new, unnecessary initiatives, and leaving teachers to pick up the pieces. The council is ignoring teachers’ voices and concerns, and attempting to implement this chaotic restructure from January 2022. We want Dundee City Council to withdraw the plans. Please add your name to support teachers in Dundee to #StopFaculties. This petition is just the beginning. Add your name and join the campaign.
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  • Support the 1st female Bus Driver at Queens Road - She deserves better!
    Tracey Scholes has been a bus driver at the Queens Road depot for the past 34 years. When Tracey started her journey as a bus driver in 1987 she was the first female bus driver employed at the Queens Road depot. The industry back then was very male dominated and a woman taking a driving position was challenging to say the least however Tracey took the challenge and has had the full respect of all her colleagues. Over the years Tracey has been instrumental in paving the way for other women to take up positions within the passenger sector. Tracey is a hardworking, loved and valued member of the NW/5/4 Branch and the Queens Road family who deserves to be commended for her years of service to the traveling public of Greater Manchester, however Go North West Ltd has dismissed her from employment because THEY changed the manufacturer specification on their fleet of buses resulting in five foot tall Tracey being physically unable to operate some company vehicles. Go North West Ltd have refused to consider proposals from Tracey and her Unite trade union reps to keep her in employment. This has resulted in her unfair dismissal from Go North West Ltd for capability to fulfil her role a PCV driver. The company’s only resolution is to offer Tracey a position in the company that would see Tracey’s pay and hours cut significantly leaving her in financial hardship.
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  • Post Holdings: Step in to end fire and rehire at Weetabix
    Unite the Union currently have over 60 members on strike at Weetabix, due to the company adopting fire and rehire tactics which will in some workers losing £5000 annually. Weetabix have no legitimate reason to be slashing the pay and conditions of it's engineers. From research obtained, we believe Weetabix profited $112.3 million in 2020. And Post Holdings Inc. most recent accounts show an operating profit of $700.8 million and has $1.2 billion in cash reserves. The healthy finances at both Weetabix and Post Holdings render these actions completely unnecessary. This is nothing more than corporate greed at the expense of a loyal workforce. The Post Holdings corporate responsibility states: "We believe it’s our responsibility to help make the world a better place, and we do this through our commitment to doing business the right way and investing in efforts to create positive change for people and our communities." So why are they treating Weetabix engineers with contempt? You can read the full statement here: https://www.postconsumerbrands.com/responsibility/
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  • Solve the staffing crisis in social care
    I believe that these measures will make working in Social Care an attractive prospect for job seekers and make existing staff feel recognised and respected for the difficult and critical work that they do. This is your opportunity to solve a real crisis and to Keep Carers in Care.
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  • Demand an Orgreave inquiry for truth and justice
    On 31st October 2016, the Tory Home Secretary, Amber Rudd announced in Parliament there would be no Orgreave inquiry of any kind. The unacceptable reasons she gave were that it was too long ago, nobody died, there were no miscarriages of justice, policing had improved since 1984 so the police had nothing new to learn and that it wasn’t in the public interest to hold any kind of inquiry. We believe she did not examine relevant evidence and prevented an inquiry to protect the legacy of the 1984/5 Tory Government. Today’s Tory Government is still preventing an Orgreave Inquiry. Government involvement in the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike, police brutality against strikers, wrongful arrests of miners, falsified police statements, police lying under oath in court and media smears which deliberately created a false narrative against strikers, are some of the reasons why it is in the public interest to hold an inquiry. Add your name and demand an independant public inquiry.
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  • Write to the VC: ÂŁ10 an hour for key worker cleaners at the University of Sheffield
    Throughout the pandemic, cleaning staff at the University of Sheffield have worked hard to keep others safe. They work unsociable hours, are overwhelmingly women workers and have no path to improved pay on the current university pay scale. Now, with the support of Unite the Union, these key workers are organising to improve their pay and conditions. But they'll need your support to win. Can you write to the Vice-Chancellor, demanding he pay these key workers a living wage?
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    PFI BLEEDS THE NHS DRY, TIME’S UP FOR PFI PROFITEERS! Unison Lanarkshire Health Branch has launched a campaign to bring private contracts within NHS Lanarkshire back in house into public ownership. The campaign aims to end the private Serco and ISS contracts within NHS Lanarkshire; which provides catering, portering, domestic and security services at Hairmyres and Wishaw Hospitals back in house to put an end to a two-tier workforce. Once brought back in-house it will allow all NHS Lanarkshire workers at these sites to be employed on equal terms and conditions. Bringing these contracts back in house will also put an end to profit-motivated contractors providing public services at the public’s expense. Unison has produced a letter which we have directly mailed to all Lanarkshire Councillors, MSPs and MPs asking them to support our campaign to bring the staff back in-house where they belong. Let's be clear, PFI contracts are bleeding NHS Lanarkshire and its time to put a stop to private profiteers draining OUR National Health Service. Support our campaign and sign our petition! You can also get more involved in the campaign by: Phone: 01698 754333 Email: [email protected]
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  • Send a message: Fair pay for scientists now!
    Throughout the pandemic, biomedical scientists have been on the frontline of our NHS, analysing patient blood samples and carrying out covid-19 testing. The workers, who have been on strike since May, are owed staggering amounts of back pay. That starts at several hundred pounds up to as much as ÂŁ8,000, after managers failed to honour a 2019 agreement to upgrade their pay. Send a message to Interim Chief Executive at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Martin Hodgson, demanding he meet with Unite and settle this unnecessary dispute as soon as possible.
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