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To: Michael Milne, Transport GM, DHL

DHL Primark stop the immoral deductions from pay

Thanks to everyone who supported the DHL drivers. DHL refused to change course before the deadline, but URTU are pursuing legal action to get a fair resolution for our members. See the URTU site at

Our URTU members have supported DHL through one of the most difficult global crises in recent times, The Covid 19 pandemic.

The drivers at DHL worked really hard to deliver the best possible service for the company and their customer however, during this period DHL have wrongly calculated furlough payments and as a result drivers are now set to lose over £1300! Instead of rewarding and recognising the hard work done by our members DHL have decided to deduct this sum from their final salary before they transfer their employment to Wincanton. This leaves the loyal DHL drivers and their families in a very difficult financial situation.

This is not how any company should treat their loyal and hardworking employees, it is shameful.

DHL, please enter a meaningful conversation with our members to create a reasonable repayment plan!

You have had over a year to deduct the overpayment in a reasonable timeframe, it is immoral to leave your employees with no money to live of especially after all the hard work they have done for you.

Why is this important?

Employers have a right to deduct any money owed to them however employees have a right to demand a repayment plan when the monies owed are exceeding their spare income! Your employment should not generate a debt or have a detrimental impact on your mental and financial wellbeing!

Thrapston, Kettering NN14, UK

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