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To: Alok Sharma MP, Secretary of State for Business

Force companies to publish their Covid safety plans

Back up government guidance with legal force, so bad employers can’t get away with hiding their coronavirus risk assessments from staff and customers.

Why is this important?

Under the government’s Covid-secure rules, employers have to complete a process called a risk assessment. They must list all the ways people could be put at risk when their business is running and what they’ll do to make them safer.

The government says medium and larger employers should publish this important document in full on their website, for everyone to see, but fewer than 200 out of tens of thousands of businesses have actually done so.

Workers and customers need reassurance. People want to work, but not if it means putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.

If big companies are allowed to get away with keeping their risk assessments secret it undermines trust everywhere. If we force every employer to publish, we’ll be able to see and share what is working to keep people safe. And government will be able to crack down on employers that are putting their people at risk.

Right now the government aren’t doing anything to make sure companies publish their risk assessments. But it wouldn’t be hard - for example, they already make companies publish gender pay gap information online for example.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma needs to update the government’s Covid-secure guidelines to make it illegal for larger employers to keep their risk assessments secret. And they should have to put them on a central government website. This is how we make sure everyone returns to work as safely as possible.




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