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To: Emma Haddad, St Mungo's CEO

Give St Mungo's workers a fair pay rise

Campaign success!

After 3 months of strike action and tireless campaigning, the workers have voted to accept an inflation beating pay rise which works out at 10.74% based on a median wage or £3,125 in cash terms. Plus, the total financial gain includes a one-off payment of £700 for most workers.

Isn't it time you joined a union?

Unite members at St Mungo's are striking for a 10% pay rise after our pay has been cut in real terms by 30% since 2010. At the same time, expenditure on senior management has increased by 385% and the salary of our CEO has increased by 77% since 2013, from £107k to £189,418.

Sign our petition to demand a fair pay rise for St Mungo's workers!

Why is this important?

St Mungo's is a leading homelessness charity in the UK, with many workers supporting homeless people on the frontline. We've been expected to take larger and increasingly complex caseloads over the past decade, with homelessness and rough sleeping increasing drastically and services cut, whilst our pay has been slashed year-on-year.

Now we're saying enough is enough. We've made it clear to senior management that we cannot continue to support vulnerable people in our services when many of us are struggling to afford our own bills.

93% of members that voted in our strike ballot voted to strike and we are planning to strike for 4 weeks to begin with to make our message heard.

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