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To: UK Government

Introduce a Right to Disconnect for all UK workers

It is becoming harder for workers to switch off from work.

Remote working has accelerated the trend towards longer working hours, significantly increasing the risk of stress and burnout, and digital technology means that it is easier to be contacted and reminded about work out of hours.

UK workers need a Right to Disconnect from work when they aren’t supposed to be working, and the government need to act.

Why is this important?

Research shows that our working days are getting longer, and the conveniences of digital technology mean too many of us have found ourselves in an ‘always on’ work culture. In turn, that is leading to increased stress levels and burnout. 1 in 3 of us say we’re struggling to switch off from work.

As a result, our mental and physical health is at risk, while not allowing workers the opportunity to switch off and participate in other activities often diminishes our ability to do a good job.

Right to Disconnect is becoming a reality in countries from France to the Philippines and Argentina to Ireland – it’s time the UK caught up and now is the time for us to act.

The recent Queen's Speech was a missed opportunity for the government to introduce a new Employment Bill to shape the future of work.

The government should introduce a Right to Disconnect for all workers to help safeguard our workers’ health and make work better for everyone.


Reasons for signing

  • Workers rights and fairness.
  • Because EVERY worker deserves time AWAY FROM WORK, & to have a personal life, & it is WRONG that since the development of new technologies (even pre-Covid 19 & the pandemic resulting in many workers working from home) that workers, especially PART-TIME WORKERS, are EXPECTED to be at their work's beck & call 24/7, to respond to emails, take calls, participate in meetings (in person or via the internet) on their days off & DURING HOURS THAT THEY ARE NOT EMPLOYED TO WORK!!
  • We need to be able to switch off, companies are forcing may employees to work off the clock.


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