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To: Nick Donovan, Managing Director, Northern Rail

Justice for outsourced gateline workers on Northern Rail

RMT is calling on outsourcing company Carlisle to negotiate improved pay and conditions for their staff working on the gatelines at Northern Rail’s stations and is further calling on Northern Rail to bring these workers into direct employment when Carlisle’s contract ends.

Why is this important?

Northern Rail has sub-contracted work on the gatelines of some of its stations to a private outsourcing company called Carlisle. This means that two people doing similar work can have totally different pay and conditions. Gateline workers who are employed by Carlise, get less pay, no company sick pay, no membership fo the Railways Pension Scheme, no company leisure travel facilities and are employed using highly exploitative zero hours or annualised hours contracts that leave them in a state of perpetual anxiety, fearing that they will lose precious hours of work. In a recent survey, 58% of Carlisle gateline staff reported that they were struggling to make ends meet and every day they face a rising level of violence and abuse at work.



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