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To: David Montgomery, National World chairman

National World journalists deserve a fair pay rise!

Journalists working for publisher National World have received a below-inflation 4.5% pay award despite urging the company to offer a fair pay package. Although the NUJ submitted its pay claim on behalf of members in February, efforts to reach agreement in negotiations have since stalled. The cost-of-living crisis and impact of inflation has left many journalists struggling financially, with some forced to seek second jobs.

On 18 September, hundreds of journalists took part in the first company-wide industrial action, demonstrating through collective power that they would not back down in seeking a decent, fair pay package. Further strike action took place across the UK and Ireland on 22 and 25 September but National World can settle this pay dispute by returning to negotiations with an improved pay package that increases journalists’ pay, including for those on low minimum starting salaries.

Why is this important?

Journalism is a public good - it informs our decision making and underpins democracy but without fair pay, there is a risk talented journalists will continue to leave National World and the jobs they love. The company publishes over 100 titles, has £22m in cash reserves and issued £1.4m in shareholder payouts this year. The NUJ believes National World can afford to put forward a new offer that also attempts to address pay disparities within the company.

Local journalism is relied upon by communities for its accurate, relevant reporting and we need it more than ever. Help us send a clear message to National World that journalists deserve fair pay.

Here’s what you can do:
- Sign this petition and share it with colleagues, family, and friends to help put pressure on National World to pay its journalists fairly
- Show support for journalists on strike by sharing solidarity messages on social media using #NationalWorldStrike
- Find out more on the NUJ’s campaign at



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