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To: GDST Chief Executive Cheryl Giovannoni and Trustees

Protect teachers and their pensions at Girls' Day Schools Trust

Withdraw proposals by the for Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) to leave the Teachers' Pensions Scheme which will damage the morale and employment conditions of teachers at GDST schools.

Why is this important?

Girls' Day School Trust is threatening to leave the national Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS) at 23 of its schools.

This could mean a significant reduction in the pension entitlements promised to hundreds of teachers.
There is no excuse for teachers at GDST schools to be threatened with cuts to their pension rights given the financial position of the employer.

All teachers deserve certainty over income in retirement. The alternative defined contribution scheme proposed by GDST would leave teachers with an inferior pension for teachers and their families.

Furthermore the unacceptable proposals would also allow GDST to reduce the amount it pays in employer pension contributions in future years - further cutting the value of teachers' pensions (i.e deferred pay) in future years.

This is not an honourable position for any good employer to take and, if implemented, these changes will seriously damage the reputation of GDST.

We call on GDST to withdraw its proposals to leave TPS and to commit to working with the NASUWT on a way forward in the interests of teachers and pupils.

GDST has enough funds to offer teachers fair pensions. The Trusts finances are in a healthy condition with total funds of £461.9 million and available reserves of £43.1 million as of August 2020. Whilst the fees payable by parents have increased, additional investment should prioritise teachers at GDST.

Despite claims by the employer, there is no confirmation that pension contributions to be paid by the employer will increase. The proposed changes are therefore an unnecessary and unjustified attack on the terms and conditions of dedicated and highly-skilled and professional teachers.

Teachers make a school successful. GDST, as an employer, needs to value and invest in the school workforce. There is no justification for them cutting pensions.

There is a recruitment and retention crisis in education and attacking pensions and threatening to dismiss and re-engage staff on inferior terms and conditions of service is not the way to encourage them to remain with GDST or to motivate them to deliver the best possible education for pupils.

Teachers deserve a decent pension. Keep GDST in the Teachers' Pension Scheme and withdraw these threats to teachers.




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