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Restore the overtime floor in the Major Motion Picture Agreement

Restore the overtime floor in the Major Motion Picture Agreement.

Why is this important?

The Major Motion Picture Agreement (MMPA) between PACT and BECTU came into effect in April 2018. This agreement holds many benefits for our members, however since its implementation, many junior grades are now finding themselves significantly financially worse off as a result.

Previously the trainees, assistants and runners were paid a customary £35 (non-camera) and £50 (camera) for their overtime. Under the new agreement, these thresholds have been stripped back reducing annual income for many. The long-term consequences threaten a reduction in the diversity of the industry, and a loss of skilled people coming into the industry.

Talks between BECTU and PACT will reopen later this month and we hope to reinstate the overtime floor. For clarity: anything we negotiate on behalf of our junior grade members will not be to the detriment of the wider membership. By signing this petition, you are supporting BECTU by demonstrating to PACT that this is a widely felt issue. Please sign and share with your colleagues of all departments and grades

For more information on the issue read the news story

For the full Major Motion Picture Agreement visit



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