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To: Rolls Royce and the UK Government

Save Our Site - Battle for Barnoldswick (Rolls Royce)

Stop the transfer of the Barnoldswick Fan blade work to Singapore, Stop the proposed job losses and Save Our Site! We call on the UK Government to work with Rolls Royce, Unite the Union and key stakeholders to acknowledge the value of this site and battle for Barnoldswick.

Why is this important?

Barnoldswick is the historic birthplace of the jet engine, many of the Rolls Royce model numbers start with RB (Rolls Barnoldswick) the skills and experience of the workers are priceless. Over the last 2 years the workforce has been reduced by almost 50% and the latest announcement of further job losses could see the site close, with more than 1,000 families on site and in the local supply chain abandoned. Roll Royce contributes £1.1bn to GDP in the region *2018 and the North West Aerospace sector it supports has a GVA £1.7bn. Governments from Germany to Singapore are investing in Aerospace to make sure they thrive in the aviation recovery, the UK Government cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel resulting in this historic wealth creator being lost, they must act now!



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