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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Don't cut the arts

The Westminster government, led by Boris Johnson, is slashing funding for creative, performing arts and humanities courses at English universities.

These cuts were confirmed by the Office for Students on 21 July and will result in a 50% cut to high-cost grant funding in 2021/22 - and more cuts to arts and humanities courses are threatened in the years ahead as the government seeks to prioritise STEM subjects.

Why is this important?

Cutting funding will have a devastating impact on these subjects, resulting in course closures, job losses and severely affecting efforts to widen participation.

Universities in areas with a higher number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds would be particularly vulnerable to the proposed cuts. We cannot allow these cuts to strip away their access to arts subjects.

The UK is a world-leader in the creative and performing arts. These subjects should not be the preserve of a privileged few.

We need to mount a quick and effective fightback against this government’s attacks on the creative and performing arts.

Join us and tell Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the arts should be for everyone - and that the cuts should not go ahead.

This campaign is supported by University and College Union (UCU), Equity UK, BECTU, Writers Guild of Great Britain, Musicians’ Union, Unison and Unite


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