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To: Aviation Minister and Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Robert Courts MP

Save UK Aviation

We’re calling on the UK Government to take action to protect the skills and experience of aviation workers before whole parts of the sector are lost.

Why is this important?

The British aviation industry is in crisis.

The dramatic decline in the numbers of people travelling because of Covid-19 has been devastating for the industry. Airports and airlines continue to haemorrhage the costs of maintaining and operating their runways and fleets, with no income in sight.

Aviation workers deserve a government lifeline. They are a highly skilled, highly trained workforce that will be vital to the nation’s Covid response and recovery.

Urgent Government support is needed for nearly one million people who are employed in this sector, from pilots, to cabin crew to ground staff, air traffic controllers, engineers, fire crew, security, caterers and cleaners.

Aviation workers urgently need a dedicated package of support to protect their livelihoods before it’s too late. We also need a clear, coordinated Government policy for a greener recovery that involves the views of both workers and trades unions.

At a time of continuing uncertainty about the regulation of the industry, post-Brexit, it is essential that the response to the pandemic does not leave aviation businesses in a worse position to compete in a new trading environment.

Only a coordinated, clear plan based on a dedicated relief package to protect livelihoods will give aviation workers the stability they need through this crisis.


Reasons for signing

  • We all need aviation! Keep this petition going.
  • Vital for the economy.
  • Airport workers on their knees.


2020-12-14 11:34:08 +0000

Job losses in aviation are not just hurting workers, it's hurting communities.

From Cllr Steve Curran is the Labour leader of Hounslow council and Henry Smith is the Conservative MP for Crawley:

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