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To: UK Retailers

Shopworkers deserve a decent break at Christmas

For too many people working in retail, Christmas isn’t a proper holiday. Shopworkers need a decent break over the festive period, and retailers should:

- Close shops by 4pm on Christmas Eve

- Stay closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

- Ensure that workers don’t lose out on pay when shops are closed

Why is this important?

The run-up to Christmas is busy and stressful for everyone working in retail, and in connected jobs like warehouse and distribution too.

Retail workers have been putting in long, tough shifts to help customers get ready for Christmas, and they barely have the time and energy to make their own preparations.

When Christmas comes, far too often they don’t get a decent break, with a late finish on Christmas Eve and then back to work early on Boxing Day morning.

More than three-quarters of workers surveyed by Usdaw said that working over the Christmas period means that they spend too little time at Christmas with their loved ones.

Most retail workers are put under pressure to work on Boxing Day, and this even happens in workplaces where it’s supposed to be ‘voluntary’ – that’s why 97% of retail workers think that shops should shut on Boxing Day.

#XmasIsNotWorking and that's why we’re calling on retailers to put their hardworking staff first, and keep the shops shut.

Find out more about Usdaw’s #XmasIsNotWorking campaign at



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