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To: Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO

Stand with Amazon Workers: Demand Fair Treatment and Union Recognition at BHX4!

Workers at the Amazon warehouse BHX4 in Coventry are sticking together and fighting back. 

Management at the BHX4 warehouse is toxic. They treat us like robots, fire us without warning, and don’t care about our well-being.

Targets are unrealistic. Working conditions are unsafe. The pressure we’re under makes people collapse from exhaustion.

On top of all this, Amazon pays us as little as possible. 

We’ve had enough. We’re taking on Amazon and pushing for the power and protection of a recognised union in July with a historic ballot — but we need your support.

Why is this important?

A YES vote in the ballot would lead to us winning the power and protection of a union. It would be the first ever agreement of its kind with Amazon in the UK. 

Union recognition would mean we have much more power to negotiate our pay, hours, conditions and crucially our safety. 

But Amazon is doing everything they can to stop us. Posters telling us to cancel union membership. Intimidation from supervisors. Brainwashing meetings encouraging workers to vote against union recognition.

Amazon wants this issue to go away quietly, but we won’t back down. 

It’s a David v Goliath battle. We may not have Amazon’s money, but we have the union movement behind us.

The more people who sign this petition, the more we show Amazon that everyone in the country is on our side. 

Can you sign this petition to show Amazon that people across the UK are backing us?
Coventry, UK

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