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To: Ealing councillors

Stand With Patrice


- Stop union-busting and victimisation of trade union reps
- Stop Serco’s attempts to undermine collective bargaining through the targeting of individual staff and the misuse of the absence policy
- Remove Serco from the profitable civil enforcement contract and bring this service back in-house.

Why is this important?

Labour-controlled Ealing council is ‘actively helping’ outsourced service provider Serco ‘hound’ a senior Unite the Union rep on strike over union-busting from his civil enforcement job.

A council officer has written to Serco requesting that Patrice, Unite rep, who has performed his job for two decades, be removed from duties for bringing the council into ‘disrepute’.

The officer justified the decision because the Unite rep stated on social media that Ealing council would lose revenue from Parking Charge Notices during ongoing strikes by more than 40 Serco civil enforcement officers.

Despite the statement being factually accurate and containing no mention of parking policy motivations, the council is wrongly claiming that the union rep ‘conveys the council as a purely revenue generating authority’.



Ealing, London, UK

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