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To: Phil Barwood; Regional General Manager DHL

Stop the Fire and Rehire at DHL Marks and Spencer: Long Eaton

Stop the Fire and Rehire at DHL Marks and Spencer: Long Eaton

Honour the current contractual arrangements, including no mobility clause and contractual redundancy rights.

Allow staff to take their contractual redundancy payments instead of increasing their commute time by up to an hour, and requiring them to cycle on dangerous roads at 3am in the morning.

Why is this important?

The practice of fire and rehire is a disgraceful tactic by a company like DHL, particularly for staff who have heroically worked throughout the pandemic. These staff have hard fought for rights, and the employer must respect them. In this case, a small number of older staff, on legacy contracts feel unable to relocate their place of work to the new DHL site. Their contract has no mobility clause. While the site is close, these members do not own a car and would need to cycle for up to two hours extra a day (on top of 11-15hr shifts) down dangerous unlit and often flooded roads. We demand DHL honour the contractual rights of our members.

Nottinghamshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • A decent company wouldn’t treat people this way
  • Contracts should be honoured otherwise why n what use are they if not honoured
  • Every worker should be entitled to the basic right of redundancy in the event that the employer chooses to relocate the workplace to another town.


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