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To: Donald Trump;

Stop the Job Cuts at Trump Turnberry

Stop the job cuts at Trump Turnberry Golf Resort

RMT is stepping up the fight to halt an all-out assault on jobs and conditions at the US President's Scottish flagship golf resort that are being bulldozed through under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is this important?

RMT is stepping up the fight to protect our members jobs and working conditions at Trump's flagship Scottish Turnberry golf operation as the close of the formal consultation looms large.

As all the talk is about UK staycations at the moment it is clear as day that these savage cuts at Trump Turnberry are nothing to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with casualising the workforce and kicking away their working conditions to jack up profits.

RMT is demanding that the axe to be lifted from above our members heads at Trump Turnberry and we are calling for public and political support for this campaign.


Reasons for signing

  • Upper level bosses forcing staffs to work long hours and pushing them to resign..
  • Unspeakable decadent rich few greedy pig in a feeding frenzy Getting richer during terrible times for billions of impoverished decent human beings
  • Using the pandemic crisis to cut jobs, wages or conditions of service must be opposed at all times.


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