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To: The Chief Executive of ‘The Go-Ahead Group’ - Christian Schreyer

Support the 1st female Bus Driver at Queens Road - She deserves better!

Tracey won her appeal! Her employer agreed for her to keep her job with no loss of pay and hours. Big thanks to everyone who supported her online. It raised the pressure and helped Tracey and her colleagues at the depot stay strong in challenging this bad decision.

We call upon Christian Schreyer to reinstate Tracey Scholes with no loss of pay/no loss of hours and show that 'Go-Ahead Group' values loyal key workers.

Tracey Scholes was dismissed after serving 34 loyal years at Queens Rd Bus Depot because the company decided they could not make reasonable adjustments (instead, only adjustments including loss of pay or loss of hours).

She deserves better!

Why is this important?

Tracey Scholes has been a bus driver at the Queens Road depot for the past 34 years. When Tracey started her journey as a bus driver in 1987 she was the first female bus driver employed at the Queens Road depot.

The industry back then was very male dominated and a woman taking a driving position was challenging to say the least however Tracey took the challenge and has had the full respect of all her colleagues.

Over the years Tracey has been instrumental in paving the way for other women to take up positions within the passenger sector.

Tracey is a hardworking, loved and valued member of the NW/5/4 Branch and the Queens Road family who deserves to be commended for her years of service to the traveling public of Greater Manchester, however Go North West Ltd has dismissed her from employment because THEY changed the manufacturer specification on their fleet of buses resulting in five foot tall Tracey being physically unable to operate some company vehicles.

Go North West Ltd have refused to consider proposals from Tracey and her Unite trade union reps to keep her in employment. This has resulted in her unfair dismissal from Go North West Ltd for capability to fulfil her role a PCV driver.

The company’s only resolution is to offer Tracey a position in the company that would see Tracey’s pay and hours cut significantly leaving her in financial hardship.
Manchester, UK

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2022-01-18 09:58:27 +0000

Tracey won! Thanks very much to everyone who helped raise the pressure and send solidarity to Tracey and the Queens Road branch online. You can read more about Tracey's win on the Unite website here:

2022-01-18 09:56:35 +0000

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