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To: The Board of Directors, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and AGH Solutions

Demand fair pay for staff at Airedale Hospital

We won!

Porters, cleaners and caterers will see their pay and holiday entitlement significantly increase, ending the two-tiered chaos created by outsourcing. These workers took the bold and courageous stand up for their rights and dignity at work - and it paid off.

GMB union members and workers at Airedale Hospital are demanding respect and fair pay.

Add your name to demand Airedale NHS Trust and AGH Solutions act immediately to:
Align all workers with the NHS pay rates, terms and conditions.

Why is this important?

NHS workers (e.g. Porters, Cleaners, Catering, Security) who were transferred from the Trust into its wholly-owned subsidiary, AGH Solutions (AGHS), remain on the NHS “Agenda For Change” (AFC) contract, while many new starters, and indeed all staff (including those who were TUPED) that register on Bank (i.e. overtime shifts), are paid on the lower AGHS rates, despite doing the same job.

The GMB demand for equal pay for equal work is fair, it is reasonable and it is right.

Every day since March 2020, our members have put themselves at risk; at risk of getting infected and at risk of infecting their family.

We clapped for them, we labelled them heroes and yet here in our community, some of our local heroes face the indignity of being treated less than; to be employed as NHS workers, but not paid as NHS workers.

We have reached the stage where members are being asked to consider industrial action because the Board of Directors of both AGHS and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust have allowed us to reach this point.

The Trust outsourced their responsibility to AGHS and in turn AGHS created a two-tier workforce that made it permissible to pay people different wages for the same work.

We are simply demanding that this be corrected, that the Trust recognise its responsibility to these NHS heroes and end unfair wage practices.

Steeton, Keighley BD20, UK

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The GMB is now balloting members on whether to take industrial strike action to achieve its demand. The ballot opens this week (w/c 14th June) and will close on 1st July.