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To: James Watt, BrewDog CEO

BrewDog: Don't scrap the Living Wage!

BrewDog's decision to withdraw the real Living Wage for bar workers during the most acute cost of living crisis in a generation is outrageous.

The real Living Wage has been a cornerstone of BrewDog’s public identity since 2014. Scrapping the company's pledge is a shocking blow for bar workers.

The real-terms pay cut for hard-working front line staff is directly opposed to BrewDog’s previous claim that “our crew are our most important resource - and giving them fair pay for the work they do is one of our core beliefs.”

BrewDog management and multi-millionaire CEO James Watt must reverse this awful decision and do the right thing by the workers who have made the company's millions.

Why is this important?

Stand with BrewDog bar workers and demand they are paid fairly.


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