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To: Huw Thomas Leader of Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council Workers need a fair pay rise!

We are asking Huw Thomas leader of Cardiff Council to stop hiding behind National Negotiations and negotiate with Unite the Union.

Cardiff Council workers have suffered more than a decade of pay cuts and freezes. These workers have seen a real terms’ pay cut of an average of 25.8% since 2009, meaning an average of over £11,000 has been lost in pay during this period.

Cardiff Council workers are now suffering through a cost of living crisis, facing the fastest rising prices in over a generation. The cost-of-living crisis is hitting council workers very hard; many already can’t afford to make ends meet, and spiralling food costs and energy bills will more than swallow the current pay offer being proposed.

When asked, Unite members working for Cardiff Council told us how the current crisis is impacting them;

- Almost half of the workers are struggling to pay for essential services such as heating, electricity and water;
- 30% told us that they were struggling to afford basics such as food and clothing;
- 23% of respondents were skipping meals due to the cost of living crisis, and;
- 6% were even having to use food banks to support themselves and their families.

To date Cardiff Council have not met with the Unite to meaningfully negotiate over what a fair pay offer looks like.

We know that the Westminster government is responsible for deep cuts to council funding and that the sector is being deliberately underfunded. But this cannot be an excuse to continue attacking the pay and conditions of council workers.

We call on the Huw Thomas Leader of Cardiff Council to:

• Like other Local Authorities in the UK, engage with Unite the Union and enter into meaningful discussions over a fair pay offer to help end the dispute.

Why is this important?

Cardiff Council workers are providing vital public services that our communities rely on every single day.

They are the key workers who kept the Capital going throughout the pandemic.

Their value to the Capital City and County of Cardiff should be recognised by a pay offer that allows them to feed and clothe their families without having to resort to foodbanks or handouts.

It is unacceptable council workers are bearing the brunt of the cuts to local government budgets!

It is unacceptable that the Council has not engaged with the Union's Representative's to bring an end to the dispute and give it's workers a fair pay rise.
Cardiff, UK

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