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To: Brambles CEO Graham Chipchase & Vice-President for CHEP UK & Ireland Matt Quinn

CHEP UK - Your Pay Offer is unPALLETable!

Unite members at CHEP in Manchester are celebrating after voting to accept an inflation-beating pay deal to end the long running strike. Thanks to everyone who showed solidarity with us!

We call on CHEP UK to give their workers the pay rise they deserve!

Why is this important?

CHEP UK is a hugely profitable company, yet it is refusing to give its workers a pay rise that reflects the true value of their work & takes into account the UK's soaring living costs.

While the Retail Price Index is currently over 7.5%, CHEP UK, which made profits of £60 million last year, has offered its workers a below inflation pay rise. This means a pay cut for CHEP workers in real terms.

Rather than look after its workforce, CHEP appears to be more interested in boosting profits and rewarding its shareholders - who received a £50 million pay-out just last year. This has left the company's workers with no choice but to take a stand through strike action.

We are asking you to support our campaign and demand that CHEP give their workers a fair pay rise and bring this dispute to an end. Simply put: workers should not be facing an attack on their living standards while company shareholders are raking in millions of pounds.

Deliver Fair Pay for CHEP workers NOW!

How it will be delivered

All signatures will be e-mailed to CHEP UK board members.




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2022-04-29 10:37:24 +0100

Great news this week, as members at CHEP approved an inflation busting pay rise, after a major u-turn from the employer. Thanks to everyone who supported our members over such a long and difficult campaign, and all congratulations to the workers who thoroughly deserve their victory. You can read more about it here

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