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To: UK Government

Coronavirus: Nobody should lose jobs or pay because their kids' school is closed

Bring in emergency time-limited measures to make sure parents don't lose jobs and pay when their children's school or nursery has to close.

Why is this important?

We support measures to reduce the spread and impact of coronavirus, but no-one should be out of pocket, or even worse out of a job, for doing the right thing.

When schools and nurseries close for most children, loads of parents will be unable to work because they'll have to look after their kids. But current parental or dependants' leave arrangements are too short and in any case mean going without pay – something most people simply can’t afford.

If we want people to follow government health advice, the government has to support parents. And they need to act fast to deal with this emergency. That means:
* Keeping everyone on full pay, if their kids' school or childcare closes.
* Reimbursing employers – just like they do for maternity pay.
* No-one should be treated unfairly or lose their job because they need to look after their kids.

Let's support workers in getting us through this epidemic, and make sure no-one loses their job or is pushed into hardship because their kids' school closes.


(If you're a working parent and concerned about your own work rights when schools close, find out more where you might stand under the current arrangements here: )




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With schools closing for most children from the end of this week, we've written a blog about the current limited employment rights that parents have in this area. Find out more where you might stand here:

2020-03-19 08:29:37 +0000

For a more detailed response to the government's proposals in dealing with coronavirus, and what we think is needed now, we've published a report with recommendations under five broad priorities for safeguarding workers and their livelihoods. It shows some of the things we're pushing for in talks with government - including the need for guaranteed pay for workers who need to look after kids when the schools close. Please help keep up the pressure for a stronger response by signing this petition and sharing it on social media.

Step one: Ensuring that business support also protects jobs
Step two: Sick pay for all
Step three: Support for parents
Step four: More help to families, and a stimulus to the economy
Step five: Bring together unions and employers to help the national effort


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