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To: PM Theresa May

Demand a £10 per hour National Living Wage

Raise the National Living Wage to £10 per hour.

Why is this important?

Having a job should guarantee your family doesn't live in poverty.

But right now that's not the case. Millions of working people are trapped in low paying, insecure work with no path out.

Not only is the percentage of those in poverty living in a working household at its highest since records began, but so is the percentage of children from working households living in poverty.

Theresa May might think this is fine, but we don't.

That's why on the 20th anniversary of the minimum wage, I'm calling on the Prime Minister to lift the minimum wage to at least £10 per hour and give a pay rise to 4 million people.

Reasons for signing

  • To ensure that all people have a living wage.
  • The minimum wage when it first started really made a difference to my living standards , it has not kept up and many like me have felt our wages have stagnated but the costs of living have increased, the costs of commuting , utility bills, food and we have increased insecurity of work. We should enshrine in law something that ensures the minimum wage never stagnates again, also a minimum income too, no point of having a good hourly rate but not enough hours to make enough to live on.
  • its time poverty in work is stopped remember it was the Torys who voted against the minimum wage and now its here are claiming a victory with there £8.20 for over 25s its a joke


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