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To: Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield

Demand £10 an hour for cleaning staff at the University of Sheffield

Thank you for signing the petition Demanding £10 an hour for cleaning staff at the University of Sheffield. Your solidarity was a contributing factor to WINNING this campaign.

Here is a link to the Unite University of Sheffield Facebook page, where you can view details about the campaign and photos of some of the staff involved -

Unite the Union are calling for £10 per hour for all cleaning staff at the University of Sheffield.

Add your name and show Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts how many of us are supporting these workers.

Why is this important?

Throughout the pandemic, cleaning staff at the University of Sheffield have worked hard to keep others safe. They work unsociable hours, are overwhelmingly women workers and have no path to improved pay on the current university pay scale.

Now, with the support of Unite the Union, these key workers are organising to improve their pay and conditions. But they'll need your support to win.

If they can afford to pay Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts £285,000 a year, they can afford to pay cleaning staff £10 an hour. The university has no excuse not to recognise the critical work cleaners have done throughout the pandemic.

All workers deserve dignity and respect - please add your name to support cleaning staff and their campaign for £10 an hour.

This petition is just the beggining. Add your name and join the campaign.

Work at the University of Sheffield? Not a member yet? Please join Unite here and support our campaign:

Sheffield, UK

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If you work at the University and want to get more involved in this campaign, please contact Unite University rep Chris Rawlinson along with Unite organisers Joe Rollin and Ben Graves.

Email us -
[email protected]
[email protected] and [email protected]