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To: Morecambe MP David Morris, Barrow MP Simon Fell, Workington MP Mark Jenkinson & Leigh MP James Grundy

Don't Leave Our 'Heartland Communities' Behind

The North West is being left behind in this cost-of-living crisis. We want our elected representatives to do what they have been elected to do – speak out on behalf of their constituents and demand fair wages and financial stability for the community they represent.

Why is this important?

Our economy isn’t working for anyone but the wealthiest people and biggest corporations. Workers who have kept our nation running throughout the pandemic are now in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Working people didn’t create this mess but we are being asked to pay for it.

The truth is, excessive profits are driving inflation, not wages, and working people’s incomes have failed to keep up with soaring inflation. New national Survation data commissioned by Unite the Union, reports that people have been making dramatic changes to the way they shop, with 69% cutting back on purchases and 70% of people saying their income has not increased at all even though inflation is at a record high of 14.2%. This is in real terms a pay cut.

Sign the petition now and help build a movement for real change.

Join 'Unite for a Workers' Economy' -
North West, UK

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