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To: Paul Pomroy, McDonald's, Alasdair Murdoch, Burger King, Jorge Torres, Taco Bell, Paula MacKenzie, KFC

Tell fast food CEOs: Listen to your workers, Black Lives Matter

It is not enough for fast food companies to pay lip service to the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. You must take steps to ensure your Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) workers are protected against individual and systemic racial abuse.

Why is this important?

Racism is systemic across our society. And it runs through the global fast food corporations making millions in profit by paying us poverty wages.

Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) workers are disproportionately represented in the fast food workforce. In our industry people accept job offers quickly because we need security, only to find ourselves in low paid employment, being told we're replaceable.

This is fertile ground for abuse and racism which further impacts workers and our families.

Our fast food companies say that they believe in equality, that they are on the side of black people. But they also say we don't deserve a living wage. That we don't deserve stable hours, we don't deserve to be treated with respect and we don't deserve a union.

A union is workers coming together to use our strength in numbers to change things we can't change alone - that is the only way we will stamp out racism across our society.

We demand:

1) The right to refuse to serve rude customers, with a ban for racially abusive customers, and enforcement of zero tolerance policies by managers, including training for all managers in conflict management and how to recognise racism in the workplace.

2) ÂŁ15 per hour, stable hours and a union - to lift us out of in-work poverty and give us a platform to have our voices heard.

3) The immediate release of the statistics of BAME workers in different roles across these businesses, including pay discrepancies: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell.

Police killing black people is violence. Big rich fast food companies forcing poverty pay on us is violence too. Black Lives Matter. And black quality of life matters.

That’s why we need to stand together to end racial and economic injustice.

We need our entire communities, everyone who agrees with us, to show us solidarity.

Help us send a message to our CEOs by signing this petition now.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver a full copy of this petition to each of the four CEOs listed.



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