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To: Tim Martin, Chairman JD Wetherspoon

Email Wetherspoons to demand they pay workers in full during coronavirus

Thanks to all who helped. With public pressure online and allies in parliament, we managed to force Tim into a U-turn on his refusal to pay! The campaign is still going on to win all Spoons workers fairer pay and safer work through the pandemic and beyond. Join at

JD Wetherspoon must do right by the staff who have made them such a large and profitable company, and guarantee full pay for all staff laid off during the coronavirus crisis.

Please help us by emailing the Chairman Tim Martin now.

Why is this important?

We are amongst the 40,000 staff at JD Wetherspoon who have been laid off after the chain closed its pubs in response to the coronavirus crisis.

The government have pledged to cover 80% of wages for laid off workers, but Wetherspoons initially refused to cover the cost of our pay until the government money comes in, threatening us with a wait without pay as long as the end of April.

Thanks to pressure from our union BFAWU, supporters online and allies in parliament, Wetherspoons have been forced into a partial U-turn. They’ve agreed to cover wages, though they haven’t given detail yet, and after their original penny pinching response, we want to see exactly what this means.

On the rates Wetherspoons pay, we're already facing poverty pay in work - nobody can afford to have money put by for a crisis like this. If Wetherspoons only pay us the 80% of our wages that the government will guarantee, and without the usual bonuses we are paid, many of us will have no way to pay the rent, bills or support our families.

Plenty of other companies in the sector are doing much better by their workers. Costa have already promised 8 weeks full pay to cover the gap. Wetherspoons have the cash and could afford to do the same.

We want Tim Martin and JD Wetherspoon to :

1) Agree they will shoulder the extra 20% to make up the difference in wages from the 80% the government have pledged to cover.

2) Pay all bonuses that staff are due in full.

Please help us and our union BFAWU to put public pressure on our employers to do right by the people who have built the firm's success. Send our boss Tim Martin an email now.

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2020-04-02 13:20:44 +0100

Whilst some employers have been quick to guarantee 100% of wages for furloughed workers, others like Wetherspoons have been doing the minimum, by only covering the government refunded 80%. They can afford to do much more, and campaigning charity War on Want are asking everyone to email the CEOs of five such firms - Wetherspoons, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell and Burger King to do the right thing and pay 100% of pay during coronavirus. If you've added your name here, please help keep up the pressure by also using War On Want's online campaign tool at

2020-03-26 15:50:12 +0000

One win! two to go!

Thanks to everyone who's helped so far. With the public pressure online, and the union lobbying hard with allies in parliament, we’ve managed to force Tim into a U-turn!

Wetherspoons have agreed to start paying their 43,000 staff immediately under the new government furlough plan.

However there’s very little detail in their announcement. We don’t yet know if staff will be paid their full normal pay, or whether the company will reduce it to match the government 80% rate. For workers on such low pay a 20% pay cut could mean real hardship.

We're not done yet! Please help us keep up the campaign to also ensure that workers are paid 100% full rate, and everyone gets the bonuses they've earned, paid in full .

You can read BFAWU's statement here:

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