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To: The UK government

Fix the cost of living crisis

Everyone in the UK should earn enough to cover the basics and enjoy our lives. But energy bills are soaring, our food bills keep rising, and filling the family car now costs £100. We’re facing the biggest rise in prices in decades and this government needs to act.

Why is this important?

Working people have been through enough in this pandemic, now we’re being hit with a triple threat:

1. Eye-watering food, petrol and energy bills
2. Hikes to National Insurance and cuts to universal credit
3. Wages that don't keep up with soaring prices

With energy prices set to sky-rocket to £2,800 a year in autumn, things are only about to get much worse.

Britain’s workers have been dealt a bad deal for far too long. We demand good jobs, good wages and good work.

Things won’t get better unless we fight to make them better. That’s why we’re calling on the government to deliver change and a new deal for working people.

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