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To: Catherine Chardon, RATP Managing Director

Give our hero bus drivers a fair pay rise now

Bus drivers at London United, working on routes across west and south London, just want to be treated fairly and with respect.

They’ve been in dispute since February because their employer, RATP dev, first, wanted to cut their pay and conditions and is now refusing to give them a decent pay rise. Something the company can easily afford.

Please help them out by adding your name to our email to the managing director, Catherine Chardon.

Why is this important?

Bus drivers at London United haven’t had a pay rise for nearly three years and to make matter worse their employer, the French stated-owned, RATP dev wanted to cut their pay and conditions too.

With more than a dozen strike days taken since February, they’ve succeed in getting the company to row back on the attack to their terms and conditions.

But now, Catherine Chardon, RATP London’s managing director is blocking the route to a fair and decent pay deal. Her derisory offer of less than 1 per cent is an insult.

We think Catherine and the RATP French board need reminding of the sacrifices our bus drivers made to keep us moving during the pandemic.

They risked their lives so that our NHS staff and other key workers could get to work.

Catherine, herself was given a 54 per cent pay rise in 2019, with her pay jumping from a staggering £196,000 to £363,000.

Surely RATP dev can do better for these drivers. We know they can easily afford it.

If it’s good enough for Catherine, it should be good enough for the drivers too.

Please add your name to our email which will be sent directly to Catherine’s inbox.

London, UK

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