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To: Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Transport

Give Us Better Buses for England!

We call on the Government to urgently deliver high quality bus services, safe and accessible for everyone including disabled people, for all communities throughout England.

This will require:
路 Guaranteed, long term funding to make public transport the most efficient, reliable, affordable and attractive travel option
路 A move away from the current commercially led model to franchising and public ownership
路 Services that run from early in the morning to late at night seven days a week in all areas and communities
路 Full integration with rail services and other transport
路 Simplified ticketing and improved information on and off buses

Why is this important?

Buses are the best used form of public transport and are vital for all ages. They enable people to lead fulfilling lives, connecting them with friends, family and the services they need.
Unfortunately, due to austerity services have been severely degraded across England, with some places having no buses at all. Rising traffic has also taken its toll on services with buses caught in congestion, causing costs to rise. While the 拢2 bus fare cap has had a positive impact, some people can still find bus travel expensive. Information, bus shelters and ticketing are also all too often of poor quality and fragmented.
This has led to many people being socially excluded with a lack of transport options. Others are being pushed into transport poverty.
A radically different approach to bus services, acknowledging their wider benefits, including for the economy, would address these issues. They would create more inclusive, affordable and accessible (including for people with disabilities) services. They would help reduce motor traffic and pollution and help the UK meet its 2030 carbon target.
So please consider adding your signature to the petition and help us get better bus services for everyone in England. This will give people better transport choices, reduce traffic and pollution and help us get to net-zero quickly enough.


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