• Give Us Better Buses for England!
    Buses are the best used form of public transport and are vital for all ages. They enable people to lead fulfilling lives, connecting them with friends, family and the services they need. Unfortunately, due to austerity services have been severely degraded across England, with some places having no buses at all. Rising traffic has also taken its toll on services with buses caught in congestion, causing costs to rise. While the £2 bus fare cap has had a positive impact, some people can still find bus travel expensive. Information, bus shelters and ticketing are also all too often of poor quality and fragmented. This has led to many people being socially excluded with a lack of transport options. Others are being pushed into transport poverty. A radically different approach to bus services, acknowledging their wider benefits, including for the economy, would address these issues. They would create more inclusive, affordable and accessible (including for people with disabilities) services. They would help reduce motor traffic and pollution and help the UK meet its 2030 carbon target. So please consider adding your signature to the petition and help us get better bus services for everyone in England. This will give people better transport choices, reduce traffic and pollution and help us get to net-zero quickly enough.
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    Created by Fran Postlethwaite
  • York City Centre Cycle Lane
    1. Local Economy: Encouraging cycling in areas designated as pedestrian zones can draw more tourists and boost foot traffic. The local economy benefits from the increased frequency with which cyclists pause and spend money at nearby cafes, stores, and other establishments. 2. Environment: Promoting cycling lessens the need for motor cars, which lowers emissions, enhances air quality, and eases traffic congestion in urban areas. This has a good impact on the region's overall environmental sustainability. 3. Health and Well-Being: Cycling encourages physical activity and provides a convenient, low-impact workout. Cycling promotes better lifestyles among locals and tourists by being integrated into pedestrianised zones, which may save healthcare expenditures and enhance public health overall. 4. Accessibility and Connectivity: As a cost-effective and environmentally responsible form of transportation, cycling may improve accessibility. It can more efficiently connect various areas of the city centre, facilitating people's movement around and access to a range of services. 5. Involvement with the Community: By encouraging active mobility, integrating cycling into pedestrianised zones promotes community participation. It encourages diversity by drawing people from a variety of backgrounds to socialise and participate in urban life. 6. Hospitality Economy: Some restaurants rely on courier services for as much as 40% of their revenue, highlighting the critical role they play in the industry. However, the absence of a well-planned and integrated cycling network hinders our city’s ability to meet the demands of a 21st century economy by implementing a modern cycle network that promotes efficiency for services and deliveries and empowers couriers. These considerations inevitably and unnecessarily impact service quality and speed, further restricting customers' access to restaurants listed on these platforms by narrowing the delivery radius. 7. The Crucial Role of Couriers in Assisting Vulnerable Communities: Couriers are essential to York's vulnerable populations. During the pandemic and beyond they serve as a critical life line to necessary groceries and medications in addition to delivering hot meals. Collaborating with prominent retailers like Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Co-op, Asda, BP, M&S, and McColls, couriers guarantee the accessibility of essentials to the vulnerable, shielding, and disabled without jeopardising their safety. Acknowledging the humanitarian nature of their work emphasises how critical it is to address the particular difficulties that couriers encounter in the existing system. 8. Life Quality and Rights of Local Couriers: The very nature of courier work demands effective and efficient routes, this frequently leads to results in fixed penalty notices and performance related issues for law-abiding couriers. Protecting the rights and welfare of local couriers is a commitment to maintaining the principles of a caring and vibrant community as well as an issue of economic justice. Local couriers are engaged members of the community who do more than simply deliver packages. They support the local economy by shopping at local establishments, paying taxes, and vote locally. They contribute entirely. They should not be criminalised for doing there jobs and penalised by inadequate infrastructure. By combining these elements, a city centre that is dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable may be built that promotes environmental preservation, economic development, and the health and happiness of both locals and tourists.
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    Created by Cristian Santabarbara
  • Do not cut 40 firefighters from Avon Fire and Rescue Service
    We, the residents of Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire, North and North East Somerset, are profoundly concerned about the proposed cuts to Avon Fire and Rescue Service, which include the elimination of 40 firefighter positions. Cuts that, if implemented, have the potential to severely impact the safety and well-being of our communities and place immense strain on our firefighting resources when responding to life-critical incidents. We firmly believe that the safety of our community should be an uncompromising priority. Firefighters are our first line of defence against a range of emergencies, and their swift response is critical to saving lives and protecting our property. Reducing their numbers endangers us all. We urgently call on all our local authorities to allocate the necessary funding to maintain a fully staffed and robust Avon Fire and Rescue Service. However, we also recognise the importance of greater central government funding. Our safety is maintained by the effectiveness of our emergency response, and we also implore MPs nationally to prioritise this essential service. We firmly believe that a fully staffed and well-equipped Avon Fire and Rescue Service is an essential part of community infrastructure and a fundamental safeguard for us all.
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    Created by Matthew Senior
  • Better Buses for West Midlands
    Our buses are in crisis! Services slashed - routes continuously under threat with many communities left isolated, particularly in rural areas. Buses unreliable, poorly maintained and not environmentally friendly – often cancelled or late. Drivers recruitment, training and pay and conditions inadequate. Fares expensive and confusing CO2 emissions from use of private cars worsen climate chaos. Recent cuts in Government funding (which pays for ‘socially necessary’ services) will make the crisis even worse. We need guaranteed, adequate funding to make public transport the most attractive option for people when travelling. Our communities need this – and the climate crisis demands it! We need an end to privatisation where bus companies put profits before people. Franchising (as embraced by Greater Manchester) should be easier to implement as a first step towards a return to full public ownership of bus services.
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    Created by Midland Trades Union Council and West Midland Pensioners Convention
  • Fair Funding Now: Restore and Transform South Yorkshire's Buses!
    Until 1986, South Yorkshire was renowned for its cheap and reliable bus services. The result was simple: families didn't need a car. Since deregulation fares have risen, services have been cut, and reliability declined. The result: fewer job opportunities, restricted access to education and training, thousands of missed hospital appointments and reduced opportunities for leisure pursuits especially in the evenings and on Sundays. People with limited mobility are less likely to venture out. Young people are meeting virtually instead of in person and shrinking their horizons. The viability of businesses and communities is threatened. 30% of our population have no access to a private vehicle. If we are serious about levelling up, we must provide a reliable bus service. The climate emergency requires a major shift to public transport. Things must not continue on this downward spiral. Other city regions have received millions of pounds to protect and improve bus services. South Yorkshire received nothing. Westminster leaders have the money and power to make this happen. Please sign up to demand fair funding now.
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  • Save the Zoom Beyond Travel Pass!
    The proposal would see the Zoom Beyond travel pass removed on the 1st November 2023. In just three months, they will take away the ability to afford mobility for thousands of young people in South Yorkshire. Almost 35000 people aged 18-21 use a Zoom Beyond pass in our region. In addition, the Board is planning to raise the concessionary fare from 80p per single journey to £1 per single journey in effect from the start of November. This would reduce the ability for so many children across the region to socialise, go to extracurricular clubs, and would most likely lead to a greater proportion of school students being driven to school in car - increasing congestion, air pollution and further contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. SYMCA is currently looking into a Franchised Bus model - taking power away from the executives of profit-driven private companies like Stagecoach and First and placing more of said power in the hands of the directly elected Mayor. The Trams in Sheffield are already being taken into Public Control (I.e., run directly by SYMCA, and therefore more easily scrutinised) this Autumn, and it is looking like the buses will eventually follow. Due to this, the Combined Authority should instead aim to inherit a bus service with concessionary fares it can be proud of! The budget meeting mentions that if the 80p fare had risen with cumulative inflation from its introduction in 2016, it would be £1.20. That is an exciting thing, though! Even if it draws less profit and costs more as a subsidy, it means that South Yorkshire has one of the lowest fares for those up to the age of 18 in the country, and the lowest fare in the country currently for those up to the age of 21! The neglect of public services in the North of England by the government is a parasite to our progress. Ignorance of the needs of those across South Yorkshire mustn't continue. We deserve a flourishing, integrated transport system - supporting everyone from Thorne to Stocksbridge; one that lends a hand to all young people wanting to study, work, go out, or get about for any reason. We should take pride in the fact we are giving our young people the greatest possible chance to succeed, and we must fight to keep it that way.
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  • Stop the 86 bus cuts!
    While we understand that local authorities are facing huge cuts and having to make difficult decisions, we have a duty to fight for our community and the people within it. Buses within the Foxhill Road/Grenoside area have been continually cut to the bone, year on year. Our lifeline is the 86 bus, which runs from Chapeltown, through Grenoside and Foxhill Road, down to Sheffield city centre - and then onto Abbeydale Road. This allows myself and other residents to get out and about in the evening, visit friends, go shopping, play sports and get back from work late. The 86 bus is already a shoddy and incredibly unreliable service and these cuts to evening and Sunday services will completely isolate entire communities, such as Grenoside and Burncross. Private bus companies, such as Stagecoach, are making a profit from providing a bus service which isn't fit for purpose. At our most recent residents bus meeting, a representative from Stagecoach did not even attend. Drivers are overworked and underpaid and bus companies are free to do what they like, dictating routes and timetables. Many residents cannot drive due to age, disability or cost. In addition, our roads continue to become busier than ever. The UK has a target to cut emissions by 68% by 2030, requiring a reduction in total car mileage of at least 20%. This is clearly unachievable while public transport is slashed and left in a state of managed decline. While we are happy to hear of the re-introduction of the 32 bus through some areas, this only serves the daytime and does not serve the communities who will be most affected by the proposed cuts of the 86 bus. Stop the cuts to the 86 bus!
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    Created by Demaine Boocock
  • Take West of England Buses Into Public Control
    Currently: local authorities have no control over commercial bus services.This means bus companies do what they like, dictating prices, routes, and timetables. This means: routes have been cut, unreliable services, skyrocketing fares, and poor working conditions for drivers. Public control can deliver the network you deserve that is run: where you need it — meaning profits from busy routes can be used to subsidize less busy but needed services. when you need it — meaning new minimum standards on reliability and sensible timetables, with penalities for letting passengers down. how you need it — meaning a single set of affordable, integrated tickets that work on all buses and vehicles that are accessible for all. What CAN be done: Dan Norris, the West of England Combined Authority mayor and council leaders from Bristol, South Gloucestershire and B&NES have the power to bring your buses into public control. Politicians are there to represent YOU! Let them know you think buses should be in public control. What WILL be done We will deliver this petition to WECA and council leaders to demonstrate that communities across the West of England want our leaders to use their power to regulate and bring buses into public control. Who is Behind This? Environmental groups, charities, and trade unions from across the West of England are backing the call for public control of buses. All three councils have made statements in support of public control being investigated JOIN US! Find out more about how to get involved here: https://westact.org/reclaim-our-buses
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  • Keep public transport link active to East Midlands Airport
    Lets help those that use the bus as a lifeline, lets keep on track with climate change , join this campaign and lets get this sorted !
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  • Take Merseyside's Buses Back Under Public Control
    Our bus services are broken. But they could be world-class. The Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor has the power to fix our buses by bringing them back into public control. Right now, private bus companies do what they like, dictating prices, routes, and timetables. You’ve seen the results: catastrophic cuts, skyrocketing fares, and buses that never turn up on time. It’s not just a bad deal for passengers — drivers are overworked and underpaid, leaving the bus companies struggling to run a reliable service as staff shortages bite. No wonder our drivers are sometimes forced to go on strike! Public control would mean affordable fares and more frequent buses. All with a smart ticket where daily spending is capped. And why not? It’s what they have in London! It would also put staff pay and conditions in public control, delivering a better deal for drivers and more reliable buses for you. Local politicians are there to represent YOU! Let them know you think buses should be in public control.
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  • Stop the Cuts and Save South Yorkshire’s Buses
    The Problem - The public paid millions to keep buses going during COVID. - That funding ends October 5th: 1 in 3 services could be cut! - Cuts could leave just 4 buses across the whole of South Yorkshire after 10pm and no buses in Barnsley after 7pm! The Cause - For decades, private bus companies have been putting short-term profits over the needs of people and planet. - Now our bus network is unsustainable without massive public support. The pandemic has made this even worse. - But even when the public offer to pay private companies to run services, they're now refusing to play their part! The Solution How do they get away with it? The public has almost no say over the network, leaving big business free to call the shots. 1) We need the Government to extend its funding to keep our buses on the road. 2) We need to speed up plans to bring buses into public control, so routes & timetables are set in the public interest. 3) We need a publicly owned operator to make sure essential services get run, even if private operators refuse!
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  • Make York buses free for the duration of the COP climate talks: Keith Aspden
    Public transport is the key to decarbonising our region and fighting climate change. But our public transport system won’t be around long if we aren’t willing to fight for it. Privatised bus companies are cutting routes, and ridership is going through the floor. That’s why we’re calling on our local politicians to make bus travel free, for all of us, for the duration of the UN COP26 climate talks in Glasgow this November. The more people use and value our bus network, the harder it is for private interests to take it away from us. Show our buses some love this November, and help us fight for free bus travel during COP26.
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