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To: Charlie Nunn: Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group - Pay your staff - not just shareholders!

Lloyds Banking Group is a multi-billion pound company - it's time to give those of us who work there a proper pay-rise!

Why is this important?

Lloyds Banking Group has announced that it will reward its shareholders with a £1.4 billion pay-out and a £2 billion buy-back scheme after making astronomic profits of £5.9 billion after tax in 2021.

But in spite of these incomprehensible numbers, the bank has abandoned its workers to the cost of living crisis by implementing a pay rise which is well below inflation levels.

For years, many of us have served the bank on low salaries of around £22,000 - answering phone-calls night and day, protecting customers from fraud, & inputting information. We and our families now stand to be pummelled by the cost of living crisis - which will see the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s - while the bank stands back & willingly lets it happen.

How can it be fair to pay shareholders billions, while we can barely keep our heads above water?

Instead of being the CEO who prioritised already-wealthy shareholders and abandoned workers in the middle of a catastrophic living-standards crisis, we demand that Charlie Nunn do the right thing and meet our demand for an inflation-matching pay-rise.

While this would be a drop in the ocean for the bank - it would make a world of difference to us.

How it will be delivered

The signatures on this petition will be delivered by e-mail to Charlie Nunn.

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2022-05-26 18:48:12 +0100

Thanks to every one of you who has signed our petition & been brave enough to share your story so far - we are sending a clear message to Lloyds that it is NOT OK to pay shareholders billions while staff are suffering real hardship. Now is the time for real change, & together we can make the bank pay up - so keep sharing this petition far & wide. You can be sure they are watching attentively (Hi Charlie!).

If you haven't seen the videos from Unite's demonstration outside the bank’s AGM, then you can catch them here -> &

Spoiler alert: we asked the board how they can justify massive pay rises for themselves & astronomical pay-outs to shareholders when staff are really struggling! Lloyds staff can get campaign updates by following "Unite the Union in Lloyds Banking Group" on Yammer. Make sure you stay in the loop!

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