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To: Phil Urban - CEO Mitchells and Butlers

Miller & Carter - Give us back our tips

To scrap the deeply unfair new tipping policy which forces workers to give back 2% of *gross sales* in tips to the kitchen, bar and management.

And implement…

A genuinely democratic Fair Tips Committee to be elected at every restaurant without management interference.

A new tips policy to be proposed by the committee and voted on by the workforce without management interference.

A percentage sales amount for tip-out should be immediately ruled out as an option because tips are not a guaranteed form of income.

Why is this important?

With very little notice and consultation with their workforce, Miller & Carter have imposed a new 'Tips for Tips Scheme' which will see waiters lose hundreds of pounds a month in tips, given to them by you!

Previously, waiters had to 'tip-out' to the kitchen and bar around 20-25% of their tips. Now they have to find 2% of *gross sales* which is a huge increase and means that some are already going into tip-debt!

Workers are already losing hundreds in income because of this policy. There is a strongly held fear among waiters that they will be brought below the minimum wage by this system and some have already gotten into debt because they cannot possibly sustain the levels of tips they are expected to collect to subsidise the poor wages of the kitchen and bar team.

This will almost certainly have a detrimental impact on the service that you are given by the incredible waiters of M&C who will struggle even more during this cost of living crisis.

Miller & Carter may not care about their workforce but they certainly care about the future custom of the general public.

If you believe that Miller & Carter should abandon attempts to impose this awful policy, please sign, share and make your voice heard.

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