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To: Arts Council England CEO Darren Henley, Chair Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Dance Cate Canniffe, Director of Music Claire Mera-Nelson, Northern Ballet Executive Director David Collins, Chair Guy Perricone and the Board of Directors

Northern Ballet and Arts Council England: Keep Northern Ballet Live!

Northern Ballet has already cut some of our touring work due to funding cuts.

Now, Northern Ballet is being forced to consider getting rid of our jobs for some touring productions and replace us with a recording.

That means less work for us, and less live ballet for towns and cities across the UK.

We’re already on freelance contracts. Some of us are already using foodbanks to survive.

Arts Council England and Northern Ballet: we and the undersigned call on you to get round the table and agree a realistic funding package that will protect our jobs and keep Northern Ballet live

Why is this important?

Northern Ballet’s funding hasn’t changed much since 2015.

In the biggest cost of living crisis for decades with inflation hitting record highs, that’s a significant real terms funding cut.

As a result, musicians’ jobs are on the line.

World-class orchestra musicians working for an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation should not have to rely on foodbanks to survive.

It is essential that Arts Council England and Northern Ballet agree a realistic funding solution that protects union jobs and enables everyone to have access to live ballet that is genuinely live.

Please sign the petition and leave a message of support for the musicians in Northern Ballet's orchestra




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Are you in Newcastle on Friday 10 November? Join us outside Newcastle Theatre Royal from 6.30pm!

Musicians and supporters from across the trade union movement will be leafleting and taking part in a photocall in support of the campaign to keep Northern Ballet music live.

You’ll also be joined by Trades Union Congress General Secretary Paul Nowak, Musicians’ Union General Secretary Naomi Pohl and Chair of the MU Executive Committee Alex Gascoine.

Find out more and sign up via the TUC:

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Thank you for signing the petition to keep Northern Ballet music live!

You are one of more than 8,000 people calling on Arts Council England to come to the table and agree a realistic funding solution that protects jobs and live ballet that is genuinely live.

Your support is shining a spotlight on the issue - in the UK and worldwide.

Listen to Musicians' Union General Secretary Naomi Pohl representing members on BBC Radio 4's Front Row:

Read the letter from the international organisation representing musicians' unions worldwide:

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