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To: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

Protect Education

The EIS calls on the Scottish Government to vaccinate teachers and school staff, to ensure effective ventilation in all classrooms and to provide medical facemasks to school staff
Write to Nicola Sturgeon demanding action.

Why is this important?

The Scottish Government has prioritised school education during the pandemic; it has now opened schools for a full pupil return in P1-3 whilst continuing to lock down other parts of society and people’s lives outside of school.

The EIS believes that teachers and other school staff should be vaccinated in phase 2 of the Scottish vaccination programme – the Scottish Government has the power to do this, and it will help to safely implement their policy of prioritising schools. Furthermore, the EIS believes that medical grade facemasks should be provided to teachers and other school staff to better protect against the coronavirus and its variants, especially by aerosol transmission.

Finally, the EIS believes that ventilation in classrooms is of key importance and is concerned to hear of members’ poor experiences in this regard.
Scotland, UK

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