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To: Tim Davie, BBC director general and Richard Sharp, BBC chairman

Save BBC Radio Foyle: oppose cuts to jobs and programmes

The BBC has announced devastating proposals to end the BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show alongside daily news bulletins. Changes will mean 36 job cuts in the drastic, hurried decision to make savings. We need your help to oppose these plans.

The National Union of journalists and its members, local people and politicians, all see this as a targeted attack on the communities served by Radio Foyle.

Radio Foyle listeners across the North West of Ireland are angered that they will no longer be able to enjoy the breadth of programmes offered if the proposals from the BBC succeed.

Join the NUJ in asking the BBC to rethink plans and engage with the union on alternative ways to make savings that do not detrimentally impact jobs or the quality, diverse journalism produced by this much-loved station.

Why is this important?

Journalists at Radio Foyle want to continue working in their roles for the organisation they know and love. For over forty years, it has served communities with its popular Breakfast Show and bulletins that allow listeners to remain informed on wide-ranging topics from sports and politics to PSNI matters and beyond.

We need to send a clear message to BBC management that Radio Foyle is worth keeping. So will you join the NUJ in fighting to save public service broadcasting in Northern Ireland?

Here's what you can do:

- Sign this petition and share with colleagues/friends to help put pressure on the BBC
- Use the NUJ's template letter to write to your MP/MLA and the BBC to stop threats to Radio Foyle and the jobs of journalists who make it a success

This is an opportunity to stand with the staff of Radio Foyle and the people of the region in defence of their station.




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