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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Save P&O Jobs

The UK government must urgently act to stop DP World and P&O Ferries' sacking of 800 workers and replacing them with cheaper labour. Workers must be reinstated immediately – and P&O Ferries must face serious consequences.

And they must make new laws so no worker can be treated like this ever again, including a bill to end fire and rehire.

Why is this important?

Yesterday, 800 workers at P&O Ferries were sacked via Zoom call. This shameful act is devastating for these workers, their families and communities.

This is a national scandal – it can’t ever be allowed to happen again. This must be turning point for workers’ rights in the UK.

The government can stop this, but they will not act unless thousands of us speak up. If callous acts like this are allowed at P&O, they can happen anywhere.



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