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To: City Properties and Glasgow City Council

Bring the 13th Note under workers' ownership!

We, the former workers of the 13th Note, are officially applying for the lease to the venue with the aim of reopening the 13th Note under workers' ownership.

Following our industrial dispute of 2023 for fair wages, contracts and safe working conditions, our former employer closed the venue, which was both our workplace and an iconic Glaswegian cultural touchstone. Last month, we won our employment tribunal against our former employer for the unfair dismissal of over 20 employees.

The 13th Note has long nurtured the city's emerging talent, playing host to acts such as Biffy Clyro, Belle and Sebastian, Paolo Nutini, Mogwai, and Franz Ferdinand, as well as international acts such as Green Day.

We aim to preserve and promote the cultural legacy of the 13th Note and renew the venue as a multi-purpose social and cultural community space for the people of Glasgow. A worker-run 13th Note plans to reinvest profit in ensuring sustainability and providing programmes, activities and resources for artistic, cultural and educational purposes, and engaging in outreach in the local community.

Please show your support for our grassroots campaign to reclaim the 13th Note as a worker-owned venue by signing and sharing this petition.

Why is this important?

The Glaswegian Hospitality sector is renown for its poverty pay, precarious working conditions and habitual breaches of health and safety. Workers are often treated with a lack of respect and consideration by employers.

In the wake of our industrial dispute against such conditions, a worker-owned 13th Note could provide a concrete example to workers and employers that our sector is not incompatible with fair pay and fair work.

We will ensure good working conditions for all 13th Note staff through a commitment to Unite Hospitality's 10-point charter.

We aim not solely to reopen the 13th Note for ourselves, but for the arts, cultural and social scenes which it has fostered and will continue to nourish in the future.

P.S. We estimate that it will cost us around £40k to completely revamp the venue and make it fit for unionised workers and discerning customers. We have already raised £10k but you can support us by donating here:
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