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To: Mayor Norma Redfearn, leader of North Tyneside Council

Save Live Theatre at the Exchange Theatre

Thank you so much for signing our petition to Save The Exchange! Your support has been incredible and has had an impact on North Tyneside council. We are pausing the petition at the moment as there are talks taking place to address the situation. We will keep you informed on next steps in this campaign. Thanks again for your support!

Dear Mayor Redfearn,

Save Live Theatre at the Exchange!

Your decision at North Tyneside Council to appoint a new leaseholder will evict the Exchange Theatre charity from its home of seven years, and puts live theatre production at the Exchange at risk. This is a catastrophic decision that will affect our members' work, and leave the local community at risk of losing a much loved theatre and community space.

We are asking you to do the right thing, and:
1. ensure that theatre work for Equity members is not lost during the change of leaseholder by making live theatre at the venue a condition of the new lease agreement;
2. offer The Exchange charity the support they need to find a new venue;
3. ensure that the work produced in The Exchange is done utilising agreed trade union terms, by making use of Equity contracts a condition of the new lease.

We are asking you to Save Live Theatre at the Exchange!

Why is this important?

North Tyneside Council has decided to 'appoint a new preferred provider' for the Exchange building in North Shields.

That means a private company will be taking over the space, and the Exchange theatre charity will be evicted by 17 April, putting live theatre in North Shields at risk, and depriving Equity members of local work.

This is a purely commercial decision, and does not represent a real investment in the cultural value to the local community. This is a shocking failure of leadership by the Mayor and local council.

We're demanding that Mayor Redfearn and North Tyneside Council ensure there is no sudden eviction and commit to keeping live theatre at the exchange by making this a condition of the lease agreement with the new operator. We want to ensure that the people of North Shields don't lose a live theatre venue in the heart of their community, and that it continues to provide good quality jobs for local Equity members, on Equity agreed contracts.

Sign our petition to demand Mayor Redfearn and North Tyneside Council do the right thing and Save Live Theatre at the Exchange Theatre.

How it will be delivered

By hand, to Mayor Redfearn's offices

Howard St, North Shields NE30 1SE, UK

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